Catfight Report Hall of Fame: Shannon Tweed

Our first inductee into the Catfight Report Hall of Fame, is Playboy supermodel, and rock star wife Shannon Tweed.

Wikipedia Entry – CLICK HERE

Shannon has been in quite a few movies, and when it comes to catfights, she has had quite a few in the films she has starred in.

Hence, she is our first inductee into the Catfight Report Hall of Fame!

There was nothing greater for me as a young lad than following this sexy scarlet from movie to movie. Not only was she tall, blonde, sexy, and intelligent, but she consistently won her catfights!
If this is not a perfect woman, please show me the way!

Here is a list of some of the movies where Shannon Tweed engaged in a catfight or skirmish with another woman.

A special thanks to the people at the Yahoo Group, “movietvcatfightalert”
Join this excellent group if you want to keep up with catfights in TV and Movies

(1984) The Surrogate (vs Carole Laure)

PREVIEW: Scene where Shannon is gagged and bound – CLICK HERE
BUY: Surrogate, the

(1989) Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (Adrienne Barbeau)

PREVIEW: Random Scene, not the catfight scene – CLICK HERE
BUY: Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death

(1989) Lethal Women (vs ????)

PREVIEW: None found
BUY: Lethal Woman

(1993) Indecent Behavior (vs Michelle Moffett)

PREVIEW: None Found
BUY: Indecent Behavior

(1994) Model by Day (vs Famke Janssen)

PREVIEW: “Mystery Woman” Shannon Kicks guy’s ass in bar – CLICK HERE
BUY: Model by Day

(1994) Possessed by the Night (vs Sandahl Bergman)

PREVIEW: Shannon being shot several times at the end of movie – CLICK HERE
BUY: Possessed By Night ~ Starring Shannon Tweed (Playmate of the Year) and Sandahl Bergman [All-region] (Dvd)

(1994) Scorned (vs Kim Morgan Greene)

PREVIEW: None Found
BUY: Scorned

(1996) Electra (vs Katie Griffen)

PREVIEW: “Mother Tease” by Shannon – CLICK HERE
BUY: Electra (Shannon Tweed)

(1997) No Contest 2 – Face the Evil (vs Fiona Highet)

PREVIEW: Various Clips from the Movie – CLICK HERE
BUY: Face the Evil

(1999) Powerplay (vs Danielle Ciardi)

PREVIEW: None Found
BUY: Powerplay (R-Rated)

(1999) Shadow Warriors 2 – Hunt for the Death Merchant (vs ????)

PREVIEW: Full Catfight from Youtube – CLICK HERE
BUY: Shadow Warriors 2

I would like to personally thank Shannon Tweed on behalf of all girlfight and catfight fans from around the world.

You have brought us all hours of countless enjoyment!

Please leave your comments on this excellent woman below.

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  1. Hi,
    I am a big fan of Shannon Tweed. Please post her fighting clips form the movie Lethal WOMAN and Powerplay. Also post the clips from her movie Victim of desire where Juie strain gives a body massage to shannon tweed


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