Catfight Report Exclusive Interview: April Hunter of WCW and Independent Wrestling Fame



April Hunter.

A name well known in the wrestling industry.

It is my personal opinion, that April could have been as big as a star, as any woman to ever enter a wrestling ring, at any time!

Well, why is this you ask?

- She is a beautiful, well-muscled red-head, who looks fantastic in any outfit
- She has wonderful mic skills, combined with extremely savvy ring psychology
- Not only is she usually the sexiest woman standing in the ring every match, but also looks like the “absolute toughest” in our estimation as well

Essentially, April Hunter possesses brains, brawn, and extremely hot body! A catfight lover’s paradise of a woman! This amazing female, April Hunter, agreed to answer some questions for the “Catfight Report”. So lean forward, and read real close, because we gathered 10 questions, that are sure to excite males and females alike!


1. What made you decide to get into wrestling?
APRIL HUNTER: A few of my friends thought I had the look for it, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

2. Do you enjoy wrestling other females?

I enjoy wrestling anyone, Male or FEMALE!

3. Have you ever been in a real, unscripted fight with another female? If so, how did the battle/s turn out, and would you be willing to give our fans the juicy details?

APRIL HUNTER: Too many times to list! I was a military brat, so being the “new kid” every other year in school got me into a lot of fights. Especially if I thought someone else’s boyfriend was cute!

4. Do you get any type of a thrill, out of completely dominating another female, in either scripted wrestling action, or even in a real fight?

Most definitely! I especially love ripping their hair out! :)

5. Has there ever been any bad blood between you and another female in any of your scripted wrestling matches? For example, did a match ever get overly physical, or was there ever real “heat” going into a match with another female?

No. I’ve always tried to be professional when it comes to making money.

6. Do you feel like you are a fairly tough girl? At 5’9 tall, and with your incredible curves, you look like you could give most girls a REAL tough time. What do you think?

I don’t think–I know I’m tough. I’m one of the few wrestlers–male or female–that’s been in plenty of REAL fights in my life, and I’m also one of the few who has competed in fitness military obstacle course competitions, so I’m a real athlete as well.

7. What is your opinion on various aspects of female combat? You have wrestling, scripted and unscripted, you have boxing, mma, and, of course, WILD, hair pulling, all out catfights! There are most likely other forms of combat, but which of these do you like, dislike, and why?

I like them all. Anytime a woman is getting into a ring and stepping up in a male sport, I always stop to watch.

8. One reason we have heard that people don’t enjoy mainstream female wrestling on TV, is because of the lack of “sexy” finishing manuevers. These are things like a headscissors finish, a reverse or forward facesit, or even a hard breast smother, for example only. In essence, many people like to see the losing girl humiliated a little bit, and some enjoy the “heel bad girls” winning fair and square a bit more than average. What is your opinion on this line of thought?

APRIL HUNTER: I think there’s a time and place for this…when you want to see a real fight (or a fight that’s portrayed as real), you need a realistic finishing maneuver. A breast smother might not cut it. But who knows…I could be wrong. Depends on the breasts! I wouldn’t oppose a losing girl being humiliated at all. Nothing wrong with a bit of foot kissing, is there?

9. I think female combat is empowering for women. Not only is it sexy, but it also shows that women can be tough, and it seems to give females a lot of confidence. What is your opinion?

APRIL HUNTER: I agree. There’s just something very sexy about a girl who is tough, sexy, strong and confident!

10. What does the future hold for April Hunter, and what would you like to tell fans of “The Catfight Report”.

Well, if they like what they see and read here today, there’s lots more on my website at

I know catfighting is popular, so I’ve dedicated quite a few picture sets, and video, to it in my members area. I kick ass and I look good doing it!

End of Interview

If you enjoyed this interview, do us all a favor!

Head on over to April Hunter’s website, and show your gratitude for women who engage in the female combat industry, by signing up as a member, and showing your support!

On a bit of a side note, April’s body has paid dearly for all of her hard work in the wrestling ring. She is going through some incredible pain, at this very moment, and her doctor bills are racking up. SHE DID NOT REQUEST FOR US TO POST THIS, but we are doing it anyway! You could greatly help her out right now, by either signing up as a member on her website, or by seeking her out through her myspace page, and sending her a donation through paypal. If you need details, our email address is at the top of this page, and we will give you details on how to do so.

April, thanks again for this interview, and people at the Catfight Report, wish you much success, and excellent health moving forward into the future!

Go to April Hunter’s Website Right Now – HERE



  1. Great interview. Finally a site that takes female wrestling seriously.
    Check out this new wrestling site at We’ve got lots of catfights and some dogfights too.

  2. Freaking awesome interview.

    This made my day!

  3. April Hunter is now my favorite woman of all time. A true role model for women around the world. If she picked a fight with me, I would back down…..hehe.

  4. She is THE BOMB !
    It’s a shame that she doesn’t shoot any real wrestling matches.
    I would LOVE to see her wrestle for real.

  5. April Hunter is the epitome of what a fighting woman should look and act like, she’s hot, shes tough, and she doesnt mind telling you and showing you she is. I too find it sad that she has so far never done any legitimate wrestling, I think she has he potential to be one of the best ever, and i cannot imagine any man or woman who would turn down the opportunity to get in bed with her right after she’s been in a fight, I know I would be all over her.


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