This Week’s Catfight Report Poll: A Catfight from the Matrix – Carrie Ann Moss (Trinity) vs Monica Belluci (Persephone)

Out of all the movies I have ever watched in my life, there was one movie I was hoping for a catfight in, MORE SO, than any other movie I have ever watched!

This movie I had wished and dreamed for a catfight in, was in the Matrix part 2, or better known as Matrix Reloaded.

The “would be” participants in this catfight would have been cute star Carrie Ann Moss, and super ultra sultry Monica Belluci!

The way I see it, the producers set it up perfectly. There was a scene in the movie where Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss) badly needed the help of the bad girl Persephone (Monica Belluci).

All that Persephone asked for, to give them her help, was a “kiss” from Neo.

She knew, that Neo was madly in love with Trinity, but she made it a requirement of them anyway!

And not only “just a kiss“, she wanted a passionate kiss, and she made Trinity watch while Neo performed it.

You can view this extremely sexy clip, here:

Now what I would have liked to have seen, would have been for Persephone to go back on her word, and get Trinity in a room for a little one on one catfight action!

While we didn’t get to see Persephone’s fighting moves much in this film, I am of the opinion that not only is Persephone amazingly beautiful, but she just might have enough curves and confidence to actually win this catfight!

Obviously, I will not be the decider here, as you fans will be doing the deciding!

So the question is now posed!

If Persephone and Trinity were to engage in wild catfight/martial arts battle in the film Matrix Reloaded, and assuming this fantasy was for real, who would come out on top?

Would Mega hot Persephone beat up poor Trinity to a pulp after making her watch her kiss her man?

Monica Belluci (Persephone)


Would Trinity make Persephone pay for kissing her man, and beat her up soundly?

You are the producers here folks!

The judge, jury, and deciders!

Please cast your vote, and leave your most appreciated comments below!

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  1. Well this certainly has to be my favorite poll so far!


    Our fans voted SOUNDLY, that Monica Belluci’s character Persephone, would beat Carrie Ann Moss’s character, Trinity, in a catfight!

    The final vote was a whopping 112 Votes for Persephone, and a measely 32 votes for Trinity!

    So, the storyline would have went something like this…..

    In the scene above, you saw Persephone kiss Neo right in front of Trinity to her dismay.

    Well, later in the movie, Persephone would change her mind on helping this group, and her guards would capture Neo and Morpheus and hold them hostage.

    Then, Persephone would make another condition. If Trinity could beat her in a catfight, she will release Neo and Morpheus.

    If not, all 3 of them become her sex slaves forever.

    Well, Persephone would then proceed to beat the crap out of Trinity in a fair fight, with no interference, and all 3 would become her sex slaves, as the movie would end!

    What a great ending! I should write this stuff myself. lol.


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