Catfight Report Exclusive Interview: Dia Zerva

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Dia Zerva Ultimate Surrender Academy Productions

Wrestling is such a sexy business.

Especially when it involves females wrestling with other females. However, some women take wrestling to yet another level.

A dominating……….SEXUAL…………level.

Might I say………MEOW!


One of those women is none other than Dia Zerva.

Agewise, she is in her prime. She is also very intelligent, focused, and sexy. Dia has worked with Academy Wrestling and Ultimate Surrender. These are two places you have been certain to see her if you are a fan of either of these companies, or of Dia herself.

So if you are a woman, take note…..

Not only can Dia Zerva possibly kick your ass, but, if you have watched Ultimate Surrender, she might also dominate you sexually as well! She does prefer to work with women, so take care not to become her next victim! :)

Here is the Tale of the Tape on Dia Zerva:

Ethnicity: Eastern European/American
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 125lbs
Measurements: 36C – 28 – 32

Dia Zerva was quick to respond to our interview request with her, which we appreciate greatly, and it is a very enjoyable read as you will soon find out.


1. Tell Catfight Report fans a little bit about your background, who you are, and where catfight fans have most likely seen you on the internet.

DIA ZERVA: In order to tell you about wrestling, you have to know how I began working in the adult industry.As cliche’ as it sounds, I remember times when, as a young girl, there were a few times when I would happen across magazines and calendars from Playboy or Penthouse.

I would secretly look at the photos admiring and appreciating how beautiful the women were.

They were so confident to be able to pose naked, relaxed and looking so gorgeous and I knew, even at that age, that I wanted to become a nude model. This fantasy was one I kept to myself until I reached a point in my life where I knew it was time to make it real. Oddly enough, although I was a bit apprehensive beginning my first shoot completely naked in a room with the photographer and his assistant, I felt calm, and soon the few bits of clothing I was wearing were tossed aside.

As I recall, the rest of that day was exhilarating, fun, sexy and an absolute thrill for me. From then on, I shot as much as I could to gain more experience, work on new poses and to relish every opportunity that I could take to be naked in front of the camera.

Since that time I have worked with a number of great photographers, talented make up artists, many fantastic models and some very high-profile websites. I have posed in everything from glamour nude styles all the way to hardcore bondage. My work has also taken me into video and I love the sensation of live performing every bit as much as still photography.

Oddly enough, what opened the door to new themes was girl/girl wrestling for Academy Productions in San Jose, California which I began in 2007. This led to my steady and valued relationship with Kink. com and I now shoot for 5 of their sites including Ultimate Surrender.

Earlier this year, I added another facet to my career: stripping. Aside from being one hell of a workout, I have taken to it quickly. Like modeling and performing, it has not only become something that I thoroughly enjoy, but I also have met some excellent people along the way.

Can you believe that pole work has helped my wrestling skills?

I couldn’t do five pull-ups 6 months ago. Pole work is a great cross training instrument and has also helped me in my flexibility. So each door that opens provides a new approach to nude modeling, stripping and adult performing, and it gets more exciting…and interesting…every day. In addition to launching a group of my own websites, my main focus is to enjoy as much time in front of cameras as possible and to work with the sexiest female models in the business.

2. After meeting you on myspace, I watched a match of you against Annie at Ultimate Surrender. Very sexy stuff. How would you rate the Ultimate Surrender experience?

DIA ZERVA: The Ultimate Surrender experience is surreal and Kink continues to improve it as well integrate live web feeds and live audiences. This summer, Kink opened their doors to fans and curious folks to attend the tag team filming. People who thought the matches were scripted soon realized how intense the matches are between the ladies. We may all be friends off the mat, but on the mat, we are all out to win.

Wrestling live is exhilarating and it was great to hang out with the members after the match. As far as how you win or lose…the point structure is very different and does add a twist to your strategy. As opposed to scoring based on submissions, you score based on how many humiliating acts can you impose on your opponent.

So, to score well, you first have to secure your victim in a submission hold, then begin to humiliate.

I’m learning more how to multitask and in essence, it is helping me move faster. For safety, we are not permitted to engage in some wrestling techniques such as joint locks or leg locking from the bottom position in an effort to prevent injury.

3. Are you interested in taking on more females in an Ultimate Surrender type of setup? Why or why not?

DIA ZERVA: Yes, I want more matches in the US setup but also, more matches allowing me to use throws and holds I have been practicing in my training. The physical bruteness of any wrestling be it US or another site is what turns me on. I love to compete under any rules.

4. What kind of feeling do you get dominating another woman? Can you describe the feeling?

DIA ZERVA: Since I was little, I was always the tough tomboy wrestling the boys and the girls in the neighborhood. Topping someone physically and knowing I am in control is scary and yet gratifying. I have been competitive in sports most of my life, and this competition is such an adrenaline rush.

5. Have you ever been in any real life catfights? If so, what were the honest results?

DIA ZERVA: The closest I have come to a real life catfight was with one of my best friends in high school. We both slapped each other around, cried, and didn’t speak for a week. Then we made amends, promised never to do it again and had a good laugh. Aside from that, I have had some arguments with drunk women in bars, but have used my head and diverted the danger.

6. Out of all of the companies you have wrestled for, which company was your favorite, and what other companies would you like to wrestle for if given the opportunity?

DIA ZERVA: Wow…that’s a tough one. I love Ultimate Surrender and Academy Wrestling they are both my favorite. As far as other companies, I am open to try any.

7. If you could pick any 5 girls in the world that you could wrestle in an Ultimate Surrender type of wrestling match, who would they be and why?

DIA ZERVA: The 5 girls…that’s tough limit so I have included 7. You may be thinking I would be listing someone from WWE or a celebrity but I want the women I know. I would wrestle Ariel X, Vendetta, Claire Adams, Dragon Lily, Isamar Gutierrez, and Abby the Amazon from Academy Wrestling and Syd Blackovich anytime. Many of them have competed for both Academy Wrestling and US and they have such a great passion for wrestling that it would be a painfully good time. When you share the same energy like these women have, I can’t fantasize about anyone else.

8. The flip side of question 7, is name 5 girls you WOULD NOT want to wrestle in an Ultimate Surrender type of setting, for fear of getting defeated. (and why)

DIA ZERVA: Well, defeat only makes you work harder. The same 7 girls I just mentioned some have defeated me. I’m a glutton for punishment and always want to be pushed to my limits. How else can I improve?

9. Do you foresee yourself moving forward in the female wrestling/fighting scene, or will you be focusing more on other things?

DIA ZERVA: I do foresee myself continuing to train and excel. Each match I learn something new at the same time gain more confidence. My training outside the mat has been limited, but I study videos and train in martial arts to keep my physique and mind ready for the next match. I want to work with more people (like ScissorVixens, another great company) that will see my willingness and show me a thing or two.

10. What would you like to tell fans of the Catfight Report? Any neat stories, or anything we didn’t cover here today?

DIA ZERVA: After the semi-final match for the Summer Vengeance tournament this year, I surprised Scotch-loving Ariel X with a celebratory bottle. We were feeling beat up from our match and had an accidental party at Kink.

What was funny was to have joining us Sargeant Major. (bondage rigger/guest director at Kink/owner of website

Like sitting around the campfire, we passed the bottle around while we shared our stories and decompressed from a great wrestling day. Moments like these are rare and I cherished the conversations we had that night. Thank you again for inviting me and look out 2009!

Cheers, Dia


Dia Zerva Academy Wrestling Ultimate Surrender

You can find this woman on the web at some of the places below.

HER WEBSITE: (will be finished in December)

See Dia Zerva in action by clicking this link!

This woman looks to be a big player in the female wrestling industry, so be certain to support her efforts by purchasing a membership on her website in the near future. A good way to stay in contact with her is to add her on myspace, and watch for bulletins and blog postings from her.

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  1. Thank you Ringo! I really appreciate your interview. One note… typo it’s not Dia Verva…or is that my evil twin. Take Care! Dia

  2. Evil Twin?

    Now that would be pretty hot! lol.

    Thanks for catching the error btw, and it is now corrected. :)

  3. Dia Zereva…I have been a huge fan since your debut match at US. It was against Ariel X. I recall that you lost that match, but apparently the pole dancing/cross-training has indeed paid off. You proceeded to plow through everyone else at US in your path including the lovely sexy Ariel, that is until you ran into a much more experienced Syd. She is double-tough. As for your list of desired 7 opponents, I would love to see you take on all of them. I consider oddly enough that those are the very toughest most talented in your type of wrestling…and you my lovely rank right up there with the very best and SEXIEST!!!

    Great interview and thanks to you and Ringo for bringing it to us all!!! I cannot wait until your webpage is online. I will visit early and often….lol


  4. What an ass!!

  5. Excellent blog, is my first visit, congratulations, greetings

  6. Amazing! Simply Amazing! Ms. Zerva is not only an adept wrestler, but she is also quite able in the multi-tasking department. She can also discuss Hemingway at length. And she has the philosophy of a winner. Whereas a lot of people see defeat as a reason to quit, she sees it as a challenge to do better, an opportunity to learn. Bravo, Ms. Zerva!


  7. Hi Dia

    Yup, you’re very lovely & sexy … purrr! Maybe if I was younger and fitter I could’ve taken you on in Ultimate Surrender … it looks like great competitive & naughty fun … it would’ve been very hot & steamy with a face-sit for the victrix … and a very humiliating strap-on for the loser … HMMMM!!! :-)

    What more could an old, wicked dyke like me desire … Tee hee! :-)

    Jessie (Aka Big Bad Jess)

  8. I’m proud to say that Dia is one of my Myspace friends, because she always either posts a comment about me or messages me, and I’m talking NOVELS in the message department, not just one line. I really enjoyed reading her interview just now. It’s always really nice learing about one of my Myspace friends, both personally as well as professionally. I thought that Dia’s interview was very interesting, informative and entertaining, not to mention VERY erotic. :)


  9. Outstanding interview. I enjoy Dia’s work at US. Especially when she throws her victims over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes and marches off with them. Incredibly hot!!

  10. Hi Dia,
    Although i was not happy to see u lose the final US match, but i advise u not to compete with Dragon Lily she will kick ur ass.
    Any way, wish u good luck and all the best.

  11. Dia you did a lovely interview!!!! I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. I always look forward to working with you but at the same time I dread it. You’re setting a new standard for all us girls….I love you and admire you


  12. Wouldst all these interviews as good as this one. A very intelligent, very honest woman. Plus a good grappler who well appreciates the role that sex plays in legitimate women wrestling.


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