Catfight Report Exclusive Interview: MMA and Muay Thai female fighter Felice Herrig!


Felice Herrig Catfight Report Interview

As everyone is well aware by now, the female fighting world is gaining momentum.

One of the young, sexy females leading the charge goes by the name of Felice Herrig.

She is an American kickboxer, and she will have no problem kicking your ass if you step out of line with her. The “Lil Bulldog” as she calls herself, currently uses a mix of boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai in her fights.

Currently, she fights for the St Louis Enforcer’s team in the World Combat League. She got her start on a girl fighting series called “Fight Girls” which aired on the Oxygen network in 2007.

We did a small report on Felice Herrig back on October 2nd regarding her desire to take on another sexy fighting girl………..Lisa King.

Which you can read here:

Felice agreed to an interview with us and we asked her some pointed questions regarding Lisa King and some other topics relating to female fighting and catfight interests.

Catfight Report Interview Questions with Felice Herrig!

1. What in your life was the catalyst that made you decide that you wanted to fight and compete against other women?

FELICE HERRIG: I am a very competitive person by nature. I grew up watching my dad train. I was always super athletic and loved being stronger then all the girls, and most boys. The very first day I stepped into the gym I knew I wanted to fight

2. A big controversy has been swirling lately about you calling out Lisa King. One myspace blog I posted on says that what you said was “disrespectful”, and that you are disgracing the idea of “Mixed Martial Arts” with such comments.

I have also heard rumblings that you did not “go through the proper channels” to arrange the fight and that challenging her in public was immature.

It has also been said that you just want to fight the “Name” of Lisa King, and that is why you called her out. What is your response to each of this criticisms one by one?

FELICE HERRIG: Lisa King doesn’t have a “name in mixed martial arts” that is actually the main reason I want to fight her. She tries to promote herself as this bad ass fighter…..yet……she never fights!

I have knocked out more girls then she has fought. I didn’t even ever officially call her out in public. I had many organizations contact her about fighting me and she declined each time.

Because she already knew I wanted to fight her, she talked about it on “Unholy Matrimony”, so I only retaliated to that response. She then continued to talk about it in other interviews. I just defended myself.

I’m sorry she can’t take being called out. The only way to settle it is in the ring.

“Talk is cheap” and she doesn’t want to back up her words. I, on the other hand, am more then willing to settle the feud in the ring. There is no disrespect in me calling out another fighter and for her to try and turn other women in the sport against me because I have challenged her is immature.

She can continue to talk and I will continue to fight. That’s what I do best…Apparently she is just all talk.

Go to http://www. myspace. com/usaladiesofpain for more on this
Click on Lisa King heading in the Blog

4. I noticed the video where Lisa King said she would “even fight you in the street”, and this was after the interviewer asked what she would do if he could set the fight up for both of you. What is your honest opinion on why she won’t fight you?

FELICE HERRIG: That’s funny. She will fight me in the street but not in the ring..hahaha..

I think the answer to her not wanting to fight me is obvious. Hmmmmm if someone wanted to fight you what would be a good reason for turning the fight down over and over again?

5. Would you like to fully address the Lisa King situation in further detail that was not covered above?

FELICE HERRIG: I have nothing else to say. I want to do my talking with my fists and perhaps a nice front kick to her face. She won’t fight me so why bother talking about her? She had her chance to say what she wanted to say to my face when she cornered Kate Meehan for her IKF title fight against me. She didn’t say anything to me. If she has something to say she can say it to my face rather then posting blogs on the internet. If I have something to say to her I will say it in the ring.

A couple of pictures of Felice kicking some poor female’s ass.

6. If you could pick any 5 girls in the world that you would like to fight, who would they be and why?

FELICE HERRIG: I refuse to answer this question. And the reason is because all the girls I have verbally talked about wanting to fight have gotten offended and talked bad about me and tried to say I disrespected them. Even though I have not talked bad about them. I have tried to fight many girls who choose not to fight me and I continue to try and fight them and they continue to turn the fights down. I would like to eliminate the drama and just plead the 5th. But feel free to post this response.

7. Many of fans of this genre find two women fighting or wrestling very sexual in nature. Others watch it because of the intense competitive nature of women in general. What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

FELICE HERRIG: What can I say? Men will continue to be perverts. I think most men watch the sport of mma for the sport itself. But when it comes to female sports I think most men watch because of the sexual nature of it. I wish that wasn’t the case and I know it isn’t for all men. But I really think that most men prefer to watch Men in sports. Its just the macho side of them. But when they watch 2 females….ehhhh lets just say men have some weird fetishes.

8. What are some of the big differences between MMA and Muay Thai? When you transition to MMA, what are some of the new techniques you will have to keep in mind and master?

FELICE HERRIG: MMA does stand for mixed martial arts. SO it is a combination of all the different fighting styles. Muay thai is all standup with punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinches. MMA allows you to take the fight to the ground if you wish to, and work on your wrestling and jiu jitsu. There are certain techniques a muay thai fighter can throw that they have to be careful with in mma. For instance the front kick (or as others call it the push kick) the reason for this is because your opponent can catch your leg and take you down to the ground. This gives them points for the takedown. It also brings the fight to the ground where alot of muay thai fighters might not be comfortable in.

I am pretty well rounded in my standup game. Making the transition into mma I really have to be aware of takedowns, takedown defense, avoiding submissions, and wrestling.

9. I must admit I have watched many catfights between females in my time. I have seen big girls demolish little girls, but at the same time, I have seen many little girls demolish big girls. Do you feel we will ever see a time where they weight classes in female fighting may not hold as much weight?

FELICE HERRIG: There is really no way to predict that. I think that as the sport of mma grows and as more females are given the opportunity to showcase their skills that there will be a variety of woman in many different weight classes. Big and small. And as much as people have always like to watch heavy weights fight because of the knockout percentage I think that they lower weight fighters are quicker and scrappier. This leads to much more exciting fights. I am just waiting for womans mma to really take off like mens. But this is hard when not many organizations are willing to give woman a chance.

10. What other neat little niche stories or tidbits do you think our female fighting and catfight fans might be interested in hearing?

FELICE HERRIG: As of right now I should be fighting my first mma fight Feb 21 on the UWC card. I’m super excited to make the transition into MMA. Wooooo-Hooooo!

It will be a new challenge for me.

I plan on doing big things in MMA.

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  1. Hmm, perhaps some of us women are perverts too … just love the erotic aspect of fantasizing about pitting myself against another woman … but agree that when one is actually down there in REAL LIFE on the sportsfield in the heat of things as I was in the heyday of my sport … then one is NOT thinking erotic thoughts at all … it’s about trying one’s best to WIN! Aaah, but fantasy is so much more FUN, isn’t it? Especially now that I’m retired from competitive athletics. :-)


  2. felice herrig is just awesome and i don’t think she would insult or slander anyone. Nuff Sed

  3. woo, that’s so sexy man, that’s my first time to see woman MMA. Later I go to youtube to watch some video about it.


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