Catfight and Female Wrestling Review of Story Based Websites

Do you enjoy a good Catfight or Female wrestling story?

Many of us that are fans of catfighting and female wrestling rarely get to see our favorite women engage in real catfights or female wrestling of any kind whatsoever.

It’s a fact………Jack!

Therefore, many fans of this craft, have taken the incredibly time consuming task of writing fantasy based stories using famous and semi-famous female celebrity types.

There are a few good websites out there devoted to fictional story side of female combat and I’m going to attempt to keep track of them here at the Catfight Report.

1.  Catfight Fantasy Girls

Catfight Fantasy Girls is a website ran by yours truly.   I wanted to have a website where the girls that were written about APPROVE of being made a character in our stories.  Each girl that comes onto the roster is required to submit a short video saying their name, and that they are a Catfight Fantasy Girl, at Catfight Fantasy

To disallow favoritism by writers it was decided very early on that the winners and losers of the matches would be determined via fan votes.   Catfight Fantasy Girls uses Poll Daddy and locks each vote by IP and Cookie to ensure the most accurate vote count possible.

2. Extreme Fitness Wrestling – (The EFW)

The EFW has been around for something like 7 or 8 years now. It used to be called the FWF, which was the Fitness Wrestling Federation, but it underwent a name change last year.  The original idea was to showcase females of fitness, and that is largely what this website does.

The owner of the website describes it like this in his “Rules & Regulations” section.

And if you’re like most EFW enthusiasts, you share a certain affinity for FITNESS BABES.

Do I really need to explain why? These ladies are perfection come to life! They possess both stunning facial beauty and incredible physiques. Unlike emaciated “supermodels,” they spend hours toiling away in the gym. How can you not admire that dedication?

The EFW brings both these worlds together as fitness competitors and bodybuilders battle one another in the squared circle. Are you ready to join in the fun?
Despite this statement, the website still contains many well known models and supermodels as wrestlers. I feel this is a good thing because it draws a much wider audience and allows for diversification with writers of varying tastes.

What is absolutely incredible about this website is that the female characters are developed very well from a storyline standpoint.  Often times, when you read a story, you will find that the writers take great care to connect the females to past events that happened in the old FWF, and take a great amount of time and care to be certain that the storylines have some type of “continuity”.

As long as this website has been going, and knowing that many writers have come and gone, this is an excellent accomplishment in my view. The owner of the website also takes great care to hand select great looking pictures for each match, and also takes great care to change the pictures up every match as well.

If a woman does not have a decent sized photoset somewhere on the internet, the owner of the website will not use that woman as one of his characters.

The owner, who calls himself Viraleus, obviously understands greatly that visualization is very important in fantasy.  The outlay of the website, and the care that is put into it, is pretty incredible compared to other fantasy based websites.

3.  Kim and Ginny’s Celebrity Catfights

Kim and Ginny are another two who have been on the internet for a very long time. They have one of the most comprehensive, organized libraries of any female wrestling, female fighting, or catfight celebrity stories you can find anywhere on the internet.

These two women are like the energizer bunny……………..but better!

Go ahead and pick a famous female celebrity……..and you are probably going to find her catfighting or wrestling another female on this website!

It’s that incredible and comprehensive folks!

The quality of the writers is pretty darn amazing as well. Kim and Ginny have a base of writers who have been with them for a long while, who continue to churn out masterpiece after masterpiece.

Kim and Ginny’s Network of Female Fantasy Wrestling and Catfighting Websites:
Kim & Ginny’s Catfight Library:
Kim & Ginny’s Tournaments:
Kim & Ginny’s Bedtime Stories:
Kim & Ginny’s Charlize Theron/Sunny McKay/Porn Star Page:

4. All-Star Fantasy Wrestling (AFW)

This was once a sister website of Extreme Fitness Wrestling. This website came to life when the old Fitness Wrestling Federation (FWF) closed down, and it’s goal was to pick up the storylines where the FWF ended.

And, to make the transition seamless……….the AFW website owner decided to use the same format as the old FWF. Due to the fact that the AFW was started as a continuation of the old FWF……….most of the same girls inhabit the website.

It was derailed a bit when the old owner of the FWF decided to start things back up again, and created the EFW that I discussed above.  This created a bit of a rift between the two owners because the owner of the AFW felt a bit stuck after all of the work he had did. But, the original owner of the old FWF decided that he wanted to start things back up, and he had every right to do so.

Despite this, the two websites, the EFW and AFW, split wrestlers up, and kind of ran side by side like a Smackdown and Raw promotion. That changed this year when the EFW people decided that they didn’t want to have to clear every female wrestler personality they wanted to use with the AFW.

A merging of the two websites was discussed but that fell through.

So, the EFW and AFW are now completely seperate federations, both picking up the storylines where the old FWF ended.

I do like the AFW, and I hope things really get rolling for it moving forward. I do feel however that the owner of the website should try to change the format up a bit, and do some things completely new that the EFW is not doing to try to stand apart.

5. Stone Rage Celebrity Catfights

Ole Stone Rage is still going strong after all of these years. He has built a small, but interesting website, where many of our favorite female celebs collide in battle.  Much like the EFW……….Stone Rage tries to keep his characters flesh with previous storylines……and the character development is pretty good.

A nice little twist on the website includes a comic section where there are some pretty good stories as well.

I like the fact that Stone Rage uses pictures, and his longevity and dedication to the craft is a big plus. It’s well worth your time to take a visit.

Honorable Mention:

Some catfight stories exist

Diana The Valkyrie’s Library
Some catfight stories exist

Ring Diva Shop Fantasy Stories

Seakings Femfight Website


This is a list that will be updated over time!

Did I miss a website?


Your honest opinions are much appreciated.

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  1. This is a great compilation and I think my own thoughts mirror your own. Always been a fan of Stone Rage and even contributed a time or two. I wouldn’t mind offering up Rival Angels to the mix as its definitely a female wrestling story and the #1 wrestling webcomic on the net. Check it out if you fancy!

  2. I’d agree with your assessment of Porn Star Pro Wrestling – the quality varies – but the good stuff is very good

    I’ve recently joined and now manage the Blake’s Babes Stable. I try to be imaginative and produce detailed match write-ups and plenty of back stage storylines – I’d be interested in comments from any blog readers


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