This Month’s Catfight Report Poll: Jenna Jameson vs Tera Patrick

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Jenna Jameson
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Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick are far and wide two of the most popular porn stars that have ever existed.

Both women have a huge fan base, and both women look like they could kick another girl’s ass in a catfight!

This month at the Catfight Report…………….we ask the question!

If Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson engaged in a No Holds Barred…………..All out Catfight……….who would emerge as the winner and why?

Would you choose:

Tera Patrick
Height: 5’9″ tall
Weight: 120-130lbs
Bust: 36DD-24-34 in
Age/Birthday: July 25, 1976 (1976-07-25) (age 32)

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Would you choose:

Jenna Jameson
Height: 5’7″ tall
Weight: 110-120lbs
Bust: 32C-22-33
Age/Birthday: April 9, 1974 (age 34)

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Your vote, your call, and please leave us your comments on who you think would win a real catfight between these hot babes!


  1. Looking at Jenna’s fantastic abs I think she will take Tera. Tera is heavier but it looks like just extra weight whereas Jenna looks fit. Jenna will be stronger, faster and with more stamina. A quick fight or a long one – Jenna prevails either way.

  2. No way Jenna wins. Tera will grab the blonde slut’s head and bury it in her superior chest. Jenna will kick like a little girl and flail her arms like the bimbo sissy fighter she is. And that is just for starters.

  3. Tera comes into the room. Takes off her top and shakes her breasts right in Jenna’s face. ‘Read em and weep.’ She then rips off Jenna’s top. Places her larger breasts against Jenna’s. ‘These babies are gonna dominate your sorry excuse for tits.’ Tera uses her 2 inches and 20 pounds to push the smaller Jenna back against the wall. Now she can really crush her 36DDs into Jenna’s 32Cs. The weaker Jenna is helpless to get Tera off her and is pinned against the wall. Tera gradually and expertly starts to grind her tits on Jenna’s, squishing them against Jenna’s rib cage. Both their nipples grow and stiffen. Tera’s are commensurate with the size of her breasts. They start pushing Jenna’s smaller nipples back and forth. ‘You’re supposed to be a porn star with those little things?’ Tera mocks Jenna. ‘Come on, at least put up a fight or are you just another weak blonde?’

  4. I see Jenna grabbing Tera by her hair. Pulling it out of the bun and then twisting her fingers around it so she can get a good grip on it. Slapping her face several times before the slow, fat Tera can react. Then slams her in the belly, driving her fist deep into the protruding, pudgy belly. “What you are preggers?” Jenna asks Tera. Tera can only gasp and bend over. Jenna raises her knee, blasting her on the chin to send Tera over backwards. Jenna pounces on Tera, sitting her lovely ass on Tera’s blubbery bellow. Rips down Tera’s tops and rakes her fingernails down her stuffed tits.

  5. The voters know who is the better fighter. Tera is hammering Jenna just like she would irl. Would love to see Tera take the weak blones arm and twist it up her back. Making Jenna surrender her submission. Then Tera would force Jenna to be her sex slave.

  6. You are right on the money Babs. Tera is going to humiliate the bitch Jenna. Jenna will be on terra frima where Tera will take her time working her over.

  7. Tera has more than proven her tits are the master of Jenna’s. She grabs Jenna by the and smashes her head against the wall. One, two, three times. Steps back and slaps Jenna’s face with each hand turning her head back and forth. She curls her fingers into the underside of Jenna’s smaller boobs. Lifting and driving in her talons she makes Jenna rise on her toes to avoid having Tera’s nails break the skin. Useless as Tera keeps lifting. Tera then sets her feet, whirls around dragging Jenna with her and flings her. Jenna stumbles backwards until she hits the opposite wall. Tera runs and drives her shoulder into the smaller blonde who crumples to the floor sliding down the wall. Only a few minutes into the fight and Tera has established she is the porno queen. Jenna hasn’t gotten in a lick and Tera has her beaten and battered. What will Tera do to Jenna next? Any suggestions?

  8. Compare the demeaner between these two women.

    If this was a celebrity Ultimate Surrender match, Jenna would give Tera a fight. Jenna would lose to Tera as Tera straps on the longest and thickest double appendage that is available. Tera would slap Jenna woo, whooo in the process over and over again as the double appenadage does it job on Jenna. For a good 90 minutes Tera would give Jenna multiple squirting oooooh, ooooooohs as Jenna crys out, “Ohh God, Ohhhhh, God, oh, oh oh……..over and over and over again.

    I’m trying not to be too explicite.

  9. COME ON JENNA! You can b eat that fat cow. It doesn’t look good right now but you have the stamina. Grab ahold of her inflated boobs. Scratch them. Squeeze them. Milk them dry. Don’t let her get the best of you. You are tougher than her. GO GET HER!

  10. Sorry Ed but no way is Jenna coming back from this beating. She is being totally dominated and humiliated by Tera and I am loving it. Tera drags Jenna away from the wall. Lifts her legs and spreads them. Grinds her foot on her snatch. Smiles and inserts her toes. Pushes in and twists until Jenna is screaming bloody murder. “Won’t be using that for business for some time” Tera laughs at the helpless Jenna.

  11. Tera by a huge margin ….What a Pay per View Event it would be though

  12. Agree with you Ed, Jenna is too fit, too strong, and too fast for Tera. She will wear the fat cow down and take over before this is done. This fight has a long way to go. Jenna is starting to make inroads into Tera’s lead. Slow but sure. I am going to love see Jenna strip and humiliate Tera to end the catfight.

  13. I am afraid Ed and Stevie are living in fantasy land. They are thinking with what is between their heads rather than their heads. Just take a look at Tera’s long fingers and big hands. Then take a look at Jenna’s skinny arms and lack of biceps. Tera will wrap her fingers completely around Jenna’s biceps. She will squeeze and work her fingers back and forth. Grinding what little muscle Jenna has against her bones. Then if Tera puts Jenna in a schoolgirl pin, which she can do with ease, and rolls her knees and shins on Jenna’s paltry biceps, Jenna will be racked with pain.

  14. Tera has humiliated and utterly whipped Jenna. It is time for her to take her pleasure. She forces Jenna to massage her pussy with her hands. Jenna tires to grab and twist. Tera say, “Oh, no you don’t.” She grabs the helpless blonde’s fingers and crushes them in her hand. “Now do it as you would have me do you.” Jenna has no choice but to oblige. Jenna’s eyes plead for Tera to go easy on her but Tera hates this phony bitch with a passion. “I am the sex queen, not a washed up has been like you.” Tera continues to have Jenna stroke her until Tera’s crotch is flowing with juices. She then sits on Jenna’s face and rubs it in. “Now, wimpy bitch, lick and suck it up. Come on, us your tongue as yo claim you know how to. Take that tongue deep inside. DO IT NOW!”

  15. YUCK! YUCK! See Jenna has 69 votes to Tera’s 90 votes. 69 is apt when we see what Tera is doing to Jenna. Disappointed in Jenna. Thought she would lose but at least but up a better fight. At least enjoying Tera having her way with her. Can’t wait for Tera to really make an Ultimate Surrender victim of Jenna. Nice if someone could write a story when this fight is done.

  16. Just look at the difference in the size of their arms and legs, not to mention their bodies and breasts. Jenna deosn’t stand a chance against Tera. It is close as it is only because guys like blondes and always overrate their fighting abilities. Pound for pound brunettes are tougher and Tera out weights Jenna. Use your eyes, guys, not your sexual organ. Look at their eyes. Tera is ready for battle. Jenna looks uncertain and scared. They know who the better fighter is.

  17. Tera would dominate Jenna, the continuous pornos has taken it’s toll on Jenna’s frame, yeah, she might be in shape, but she won’t be able to keep up with Tera’s heavier and sturdier frame. As soon as Tera starts weighing down on Jenna, Jenna’s best bet is to just do as Tera says.


  18. To all you who thought Jenna didn’t stand a chance against Tera you can see that Tera is fading fast. Jenna is using her muscles, quickness and greater fitness to overcome Tera. A few good shots to Tera’s flabby belly, a hard kick or two to the crotch and Tera is in big trouble. Go Jenna, finish the big bitch off. Then do with her what you are so good at, being the porno Queen.

  19. ‘Go Jenna! You can take that big dark haired slut yet!’

    Yeah, Jenna all the way, no doubt about it! She’s in much better shape and a much superior fighter to Tera. Tera may have had the advantage at the start, but it looks like she’s beginning to tire. Jenna’s better conditioning and tougher mindset are now beginning to tell as she makes her comeback like the true Queen she is. Once Tera sees and FEELS Jenna fighting back and realizes she’s up against a REAL woman it’s all over for the overconfident brunette. Jenna has always been better than Tera since day one and they both know it. With Tera having shot her bolt and nothing left in the tank the shoe’s on the other foot now and it’s payback time as Jenna steadily wears down the big slut and rides her out to win in true Porn Diva style.

    Having weathered the early storm, Jenna now comes roaring back in the fight, resisting Tera’s waning efforts to overwhelm and crush her. Jenna’s breasts may be a little smaller, but they are firmer and they thrust forward defiantly, spearing Tera’s bigger softer tits, driving them back. Jenna’s super hard nipples press into Tera’s and bend them as Tera gasps in shock and pain. ‘What’s wrong BITCH?’ Jenna asks as her tits beat Tera’s tits back relentlessly. ‘Can’t handle a real woman can you?’ Backing off, Jenna sets herself and slams her jutting orbs into Tera’s shivering tits smashing them flat. Tera cries out as her big soft juggs are scrambled all over the place, wobbling like two bowls of pudding. ‘You know what your problem is Tera?’ Jenna asks, ‘You’re SOFT! A big soft, fat-ass blubbery bitch!’ Jenna now goes on the attack and drives Tera back, pumping fist after fist in the brunette’s yielding belly. Tera bends and gasps for air, her eyes wide and full of pain. ‘That’s right TRAMP!’ The blonde smiles wickedly, ‘You can dish it out but you can’t take it can you? Now you are about to find out why I’m the undisputed Queen of Porn and you always have and always will take a back seat to me!’ Driving a few quick punches in Tera’s trembling tits, Jenna snaps a knee to Tera’s the groin and watches with satisfaction as the big brunette falls to her knees with a loud groan…

  20. Funny, isn’t it, how all those fans of ‘Mighty’ Tera have fallen silent all of a sudden. They were all bluster in the beginning – just like their favorite – and just like her they’re all done. They can see that Jenna is just too much for Tera now and that the brunette bitch should never have messed with the far superior blonde. There is only one REAL Queen and her name is Jenna!


    Tera tries to stand up but Jenna would have none of it and knees her in the face knocking her down to the ground. Jenna then sits on Tera’s belly and start smacking the brunette’s big tits around. ‘Still think you’re such hot stuff bitch?’ Jenna asks as Tera just moans underneath her. Jenna moves forward until she is sitting on Tear’s chest and then grabs hold of the brunette’s arms and pins them to the ground. Bouncing up and down Jenna slams her fine ass onto Tera’s flattened tits again and again driving the air out of Tera’s lungs. Winded, Tera squirms beneath the blonde trying to find a way out. The brunette is getting desperate and is trying everything she can to free herself – kicking, bucking, even biting, but it’s all in vain. Sitting hard on top of her brunette rival Jenna rides Tera’s struggles down smiling maliciously, anticipating the moment when Tera would tire herself out completely. ‘It’s over bitch,’ Jenna says, ‘I’m the best and you know it!’ Tera just moans in despair. The pinned brunette is fading fast and so are her hopes along with the hopes of her fans. She finally starts to see the bitter truth: She has no chance. The blonde on top of her is faster, stronger, better. Tera is now near tear as she realizes that she is helpless against Jenna and would be defeated no matter what she did…

  21. Not long to go now by the looks of things. In fact I’d say it’s all over already. Such a pity for all those who so naively thought Tera actually stood a chance against Jenna. And she started so well too! She was practically DOMINATING Jenna with that big body of hers in the beginning. Unfortunately she just couldn’t last could she? She may be big and strong but she lacks stamina. Jenna on the other hand has real staying power. She is a true Queen. She has taken everything Tera has thrown at her and come back for more. And it’s quite obvious that Tera has no more I’m afraid. It’s just a formality now. Soon Jenna will officially be crowned the Queen of Porn… yet again, leaving poor outclassed Tera lying in the dust. Looking forward to seeing what all the Tera fans will have to say about it.


    A desperate Tera fights with all she has left in a last ditch effort to save herself from the most humiliating defeat of her life. Driven by fear she somehow manages to roll Jenna off of her and rise up. She then throws herself on top of Jenna and even scores a few shots, but her rally doesn’t last long. Jenna is much too quick and skilled a fighter for Tera and is soon back in control. The blonde’s superior conditioning allows her to roll the brunette’s heavier body over and straddle her. Once again Tera is pinned on her back beneath Jenna. The brunette bucks and kicks but it’s obvious that she is tiring. ‘Come on bitch! Fight!’ Jenna taunts sitting astride Tera’s heaving chest. Tera is trying to show some defiance but she can’t hide her panic. She knows she is getting a pasting and she is powerless to stop it. Flashing an evil smile Jenna reaches back and starts spanking Tera’s exposed pussy making the brunette scream in pain. Tera is really weakened by now and her struggles make no impression on Jenna who continues to ride the helpless brunette. ‘Is that all you got, you fat cow?’ Jenna asks with contempt, ‘How pathetic!’ A couple of hard bitchslaps soon have Tera whimpering beneath Jenna who now inches forward on the chest of her pinned enemy and says: ‘You’re nothing SLUT! No matter how bad you want to be number one you’ll always be second best! ALWAYS! You’re nothing but a cheap-ass whore who was born to live in my shadow! Now for once in your life do the smart thing! Admit you’re beaten and get ready to service your Queen!’

  22. Thank you for all the comments!

    This truly was one hell of a catfight!

    Tera seemed to take the lead early but Jenna showed her tenacity as she came back and retained the title of the “Queen of Porn”.

    Better luck next time Tera! (if you are brave enough)

    Final vote tally:

    Jenna Jameson – 402
    Tera Patrick – 337

  23. tera and jenna are both awesome! jenna has that typical barbie doll porn star look, but tera is dark and exotic and super sultry! theyre both HUGE porn stars but jenna IS the biggest porn star the world has ever seen!

  24. my money is on tera! shes asian, so you know she can whoop some ass!


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