Catfight Report Exclusive VIDEO Interview: Tanya Danielle


The ingredient to perfection has now been mastered!

The age old question has FINALLY been answered.

The ingredients for a perfect woman include the following mix:
Russian, English, Finnish, and Irish.

And wallah………….you have…………………Tanya Danielle!

She stands at 5’5″ tall, has blond hair, and a body to die for. There is no question that she turns men on while making the women jealous. (the women she doesn’t seduce that is)

It was our lucky day when Tanya Danielle said “yes” to our Catfight Report Video Interview request. The Catfight Report is very biased. Tanya Danielle is our favorite catfighter and wrestler. If any of you females out there don’t like that, you are going to have to take the title away from her. :) :)

Sit back and relax as you listen to this beautiful woman share her views on the world of female wrestling and catfighting.

Interview Questions:1. Many in the catfight community often wonder about the allure of the catfight. What is the psychology that draws men, and even women, into spending their time and finances on this fetish in your opinion?

2. What are some of your favorite catfights you have ever witnessed that were either real or scripted?

3. Tell us about Tanya Danielle in real life. Do you consider yourself a tough woman? If so, do you know any martial arts, boxing techniques, or studied anything of that nature?

4. Have you been in any real catfights in your life? If so, what were the details and results?

5. How deeply embedded is it in a female’s nature to humiliate the other woman in a catfight or wrestling match? Is it something you consider innate or does it vary from female to female based on the conditions in your opinion?

Tanya Danielle getting “catty” with Jewell Marceau

6. Do you enjoy humiliating your opponents? If so, is it locked to the realm of fantasy, or would you facesit a woman nude in a real catfight if she got out of line? :) :)

7. Will Tanya Danielle ever engage in any real wrestling or fighting competitions? Why or why not?

8. If you could pick 5 girls anywhere in the world to have a wrestling match or catfight with…….who would they be and why?

Think you could survive a reverse headscissors from Tanya Danielle?

Think again!

9. Talking politics…… you ever think that catfighting and female wrestling can become a mainstream thing? Or…….do you think it will be condemned, prodded at, and regulated by government?

10. Please give Catfight Report fans some insight on where they can find you on the internet, any interesting projects or things you have coming up, and this would also be a good time to fill us in on anything interesting you wanted to share that maybe we didn’t think of.


Please visit Tanya at her website by clicking below:

Some of Tanya Danielle’s Matches at Double Trouble: 


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Tanya Danielle vs Francesca Le – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Sandy White – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Danielle Trixie – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Goldie Blair – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Emily Addison – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Diana Knight – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Tylene Buck – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Jewell Marceau – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Tina Zappitelli – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Stacy Burke & Francesca Le – CLICK HERE
Tanya Danielle vs Christine Dupree – CLICK HERE
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Tanya Danielle vs Shay Sights – CLICK HERE


  1. tanya is one of my all time favorites as well. great job catfight report.

  2. She couldn’t remember the Miller Lite commercial??? … :)

  3. Casey,Tanya doesn’t own a tv to see the Miller commercial.
    I would love to see Tanya take on Tylene Buck in a topless boxing match

  4. I don’t think I can survive more than 10 seconds if I got caught to a reverse head scissor of her.

  5. She is so effing classy! Seriously. Her CW vids are some of the hottest I’ve ever seen. Not into her bondage work, but then I’m not into bondage. Damn, she’s freaking just incredible.

  6. I would wear her thighs as a facemask! ;P

  7. Tanya Danielle is a gift from God she is absolutely stunning and such a wonderful wrestler and competitor : )

  8. Hello. What did she answer to question 6, she said she would face-sit her rival but I didn’t understand the reason. Set due her..?????

  9. When or if is the tylene buck vs tanya danielle fight going to happen


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