WWE Blast from the Past: The Kat vs Terri Runnels


They were roughly the same height and roughly the same weight. If you were caught in a bedroom with either one of these sexy felines……..you would have a hard time choosing who to sleep with!

(Assuming you were ever afforded such a choice!)

I’m talking about The Kat (Stacy Carter) and Terri Runnels. These 2 sexy blonds had one hell of a feud on WWE television.

Who do you think was the better woman and why?

Let’s size them up!

the kat wwe wwf catfight wrestling
Real name: Stacy Carter
Height: 5’3

Weight: 105 lbs.
From: Memphis, Tennessee
Pro Debut: 1996


The little She-Devil – Terri Runnels
terri runnels wwf wwe catfight wrestling vs
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 112 lbs.
From: Atlanta, GA
Pro Debut: 1990

Relive some of their matches. (Thanks Youtube!)
(enjoy while you can, as we have no control over whether or not youtube takes these
videos down)

Wrestlemania 16 – Terri Runnels vs The Kat with Val Venis as special guest referee

Insurrextion – The Kat vs Terri Runnels- Arm Wrestling Match (June 5th 2000)

The Kat and Al Snow vs Terri Runnels and Perry Saturn

Summerslam – The Kat (w/Al Snow) vs Terri (w/Perry Saturn) (Stinkface Match)

The Kat and Rikishi vs Terri Runnels and Perry Saturn

The Kat and Mae Young vs Terri Runnels and The Great Moolah

The Kat and Jacqueline vs Terri Runnels and Ivory (Lisa Moretti)

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  1. In their stickface match, Kat really took it to Terri. She even rode her and spanked her to show who the boss was. If they were to ever catfight, Kat would spend a few minutes reminding Terri who the better woman is, followed by long stretches of domination and humiliation.

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