For the Bad Girls – How to win a Catfight with another Female

This article is for Bad Girls only.
If you are a good girl……here is a site you might like – HERE

An article for the bad girls of the world

- Is another female giving you some trouble?
- Are you thinking about getting into a catfight?
- Would you like to know how to win a girl fight with another female?

I have watched thousands of catfight videos in my time.    You see, I just love the bad girls.   Society is kind of down on them, but not Johnny Ringo.

Therefore, it is my duty to protect that in which I love.

The Bad Girls of the World.    I know you will find this article.   It’s like a moth to the flame.   You are the type of girl that knows she is good looking.   You are the type of girl that just loves to rub your sexiness in other girl’s faces and society seems to hate you so very much.

But, most of all, you do what all bad girls must do.     And that is exercise your dominance.

Is that you?  

Well, this article is for you then.    They don’t understand, they never will.   Forget about convincing anyone with logic.

I feel like I am qualified to give some advice here. I have watched skinny girls beat fat girls and I’ve watched strong girls brought to their knees by skilled bikini models.

The big thing a bad girl must do is pay attention and take full advantage of your openings when you get them.

I mean, goodness!   You got the all the thrills and pleasures of stealing another girl’s man and now you can experience an even greater pleasure as she moans out in agony that you are indeed the better woman!

It’s best to learn a fighting discipline if you can. This article is for those of you females who do not know any fighting disciplines.

Therefore……………class is in session. You are going to learn a new fighting technique today.

It’s called..Winning the Catfight.

Here are some big things to consider if you ever get into a catfight with another female.

Disclaimer:    We do not endorse going out and picking fights with other girls.   However, if you are in a situation where you must defend yourself, I hope this information proves useful.

1. You must Protect your Hair

If you ever hear another girl say that you are a “pussy” for pulling hair……….just realize that the female saying that has “probably” never been in a catfight with another girl! Pulling your opponents hair is a big weapon when it comes to winning a catfight. Grab hold and get the other girl in a position where you can pin her down. As for yourself, wear a cap, or tie your hair into a bun before getting into a girl fight. It may be the big difference between whether you win or lose!

2. Assess the Situation

Stay calm and analyze the situation before the catfight takes place.

- Is your opponent wearing any rings on her fingers?
- Do you have earrings you need to take out?
- Does she have earrings?
- Are her nails long?
- Are her heels spiky?
- Loose clothing?  Take advantage of it.   Don’t wear loose clothing yourself.
- How many friends does she have with her?
- How many friends are with you?
- Who matches up with who if they jump in?

3. Don’t underestimate your female opponent

Many a time I have seen a cocky girl think that she was going to run over her opponent only to get her ass kicked in front of everyone. Just because you are bigger, stronger, or even sexier than your opponent, it really doesn’t mean too much unless you use that confidence to your advantage.

You will generally find that the girl with the most confidence, true confidence, will win in a catfight most of the time.

Feel free to believe strongly in yourself, but don’t underestimate your opponent or give them any openings to put you away.

4. The aim of a fight is to defend yourself.   Humiliate if you must, but do not maim or try to permanently injure the other girl if you can avoid it.

So many times I see girls who take wild swings or do not keep the other girl down when they get the chance. Your objective should always be to get the other female on the ground, STAY ON TOP, and don’t give that position up for anything.

Pin her arms to the ground with your legs and she won’t be able to move if you get positioned correctly. You will have totally open shots to her head and she will be totally helpless until you let her up. (if you let her up)

5.  Extreme Measures Hit her where it hurts if necessary

It’s a fight. It’s not ballet. Want to put the other female down quick? Go for her eyes, her nose, her throat, her breasts, her shin, her gut, and even her vagina………ONLY……… if you are in a dangerous situation. One girl is going to leave with a smile on her face and the other girl is going to be a humiliated mess. Which girl would you like to be? However, try to avoid the things above if you can do so. You will get much more value and pleasure out of humiliating your opponent rather than maiming her or getting a lawsuit slapped on you.    Therefore, try to focus more on hairpulling, jerking her to the ground, mounting her, and then slapping her into oblivion.  But, if the other girl is playing dirty and doing the extreme things above, you have a right to defend yourself aggressively.

6. You need to get her on the ground

The key to winning any catfight is getting your female opponent on the ground. Again, I recommend sitting on her chest. If you can, get a handful of hair with one hand, and then use your free hand to punch your opponent or slap your opponent.    Many times people will try to pull you off the girl or will tell you to let her up.

Don’t do it! 

Hold your ground at any cost.   Letting her up is just giving her an opportunity to do possible damage to you.  If you have her on the ground, keep her there, until you completely tire her out and force her to change her attitude regarding the situation.

7. Aim to impress

Guys absolutely love the idea of two females fighting. It is a fantasy that many guy’s have and you should not ignore the power of it.   Not just on the males, but more importantly, the girl you are facing.   If they are putting you on a higher level than themselves, you have a big, big advantage. Dress sexy for your catfight.  Wear super form fitting clothes only, so that you don’t get jerked around by your loose clothing.  Show your legs and your breasts if you can. This will intimidate the other girl and get the guy’s in the crowd all worked up.

If you get on top of your opponent… make sure to smile while humiliating her a little bit. Remember, this article is for the bad girls.   If you are a good girl you should be reading about ballet.

If you can do so……..make her kiss your inner thighs before you let her up. Or maybe make her kiss your feet.  Be creative!  Make her scream out loud to everyone that you are the superior female before you let her up.

Make it so that she will never thinking of messing with you again.

Because, everything above is “what to do” in defense.   If a girl comes at your aggressively, or challenges you to a catfight, and actually attacks, it is our opinion that not only should you defend yourself, but you can set things up where you can enjoy it at the same time.

Make a statement.   This way, the other females out there will know that you are not a lady to be messed with.  And, if you have the ability to steal their man, that is just nature, and they need to move on.

And most importantly…………please make sure someone is recording!

But, above all, always consider the legal consequences of getting into a fight.   Society does not endorse fighting and neither does the law.    Fighting is a petty way to solve differences.  At the Catfight Report, it’s obvious that we, and many others, find catfights to be very sexy.

It’s not because we hate women or because we are rude and crude.   Generally, it’s because the idea of one female dominating another one is just incredibly sexy in many forms.   In the physical form, some of us find it extremely appealing.

The goal of this article is NOT to get more of you females out there fighting with each other.

Sure, we find it sexy.   But it is dangerous.   It really is.   And it can be expensive in many ways.

Bottom line………….the information above is to be used in defense.   You can win.  You can prove your point.   You are the better woman.   Believe it.  Don’t maim.   Humiliate.   :)   Just be smart about it.

Please participate in this discussion!   Ask questions in the comment box, relate experiences you have had, or teach more techniques.


  1. What you describe is very good. I agree with the humiliation part as being most important. My personal favorite is the full body press pin. Make my opponent feel her whole body being dominated by mine. Let her know my tits are suprerior to hers by grinding into hers as i lay on top of her.

    If I can i love to wrap my legs around hers and spread them wide in a grapevine. The guys love this and it adds pain to the humiliation. I am careful not to spread them too wide at first so she submits too quickly. i would rather hold her there and let her feel the power of my body and legs.

  2. add number #8: perserverance and desire. usually the winner of a catfight is the female that wants it more, who will take the pain and do what’s necessary to win, be it biting, scratching, punching, etc

  3. I saw a catfight between two sexy girls at a work picnic. They were brutal eivals at work and they agreed to fight at the picnic. Both girls had ben in catfights before, and the things you wrote about, they seemed to do. They pulled alot of hair and hairpulling is not, as you said,and I agree, a Pussy way to fight. They used hairpulling to not only hurt the other girl, but to get position in the fight as well.
    They both went for the eyes, face, breasts, bellies, and yes, this being a real girl brawl the pussies as well. Both bushes lost hair that day. They wrestled and rolled around in the dirt, which us guys loved, and they did dress very sexy for the fight ( as you too advised.) They showed us alot of tits, and leg and with the bush fight some real great beavers. These two wildcat knew how to catfight, and it was a real close, even fight, but one girl finally did beat the other with a school girl pin. They both would have had girl friends to even it up if another girl would have junped in, but nobody did. They both were hurt in the fight…but like you said one girl was smiling with her friends after, and one was not !!

  4. always go for the breast and crotch. and strip as much clothes as you can off her. this will embrass her and might distract her

  5. I’m going to try and use these on my flat mate. She slept with my man and now he’s broken up with me. I think she’s still seeing him now and then behind my back even though she swears she isnt. The worst thing is, is that I’m more attractive than her. I’m a model ffs and she’s just an accountant.

  6. Hitting someone repeatedly in the face can be dangerous,you could end up causing permanent damage,knocking out teeth, detatching a retina,or breaking a nose. The easiest way to beat another woman in a fight is to work her breasts over. The pain caused will not only slow her down,but also have the added advantage of saving your knuckles, punching into soft breast tissue will protect your own fists. If you want to humiliate your opponent,pin her to the ground, tear her top open, pull down her bra, and continue to attack her breasts. No woman can endure the shame of having her boobs exposed by another female,especially if you squeeze, and slap them while taunting her.You will break her spirit in no time.

    • What should you do if your the girl getting her breasts slapped and punched?

  7. I would add that you should make sure the odds are even, and in a public situation you really never know of the other woman has friends who may come to her aid if she is losing. It’s not always easy to do, but if you can arrange a private confrontation in front of a few witnesses you’re more likely to have a fair one on one fight, the fight is more likely to reach a conclusion, with one woman proving beyond a doubt that she is more woman, which is after all why youre fighting in the first place, and of course in private you are not likely to end up in the back seat of a black-and-white.

    Pulling hair can be an extremly effective tactic but it should be used to control her head, thereby controlling where she is looking, so she cannot see you as well as you can see her. Pulling hair to cause the other girl pain can sometimes backfire on you because some girls’ scalps just arent all that sensitive.

    If you’ve had little or no experience, first of course hope she hasn’t either, and second, keep in mind that the female body is pound for pound much stronger from the waist down than the waist up. Use your legs to your advantage, both as a defensive weapon to keep her off you if she tries to get on top and and offensve weapon in the form of a scissor, which can be very effective if you trap her head between your thighs so that the backs of your thighs are on her shoulders and grab a handful of hair in one hand and bang away at her with the other. She will have a hard time reaching you to retaliate.

    And yes, i totally agree, much moreso than fights between males, when two of us fight, the winner must humiliate the loser and break her spirit, its not enough to hurt the body, it’s her spirit, her pride you want to take away from her. Do a good job of stripping away her pride and youre not likely to have to fight her again. Humiliation can be done with boob smothers to the face, but be careful about getting bitten, or face sitting,not ven the most hard core dyke likes having her face forced into another girl’s pussy, or, making her not only verbally surrender, but make her say it til youre convinced she means it. If you let her off too easy she may come at you again, but if you force her to verbally shame herself shes not nearly as likely to want any more of you

  8. That is partially true, if the two girls couldn’t fight in the first place. But what about two girls that know what the hell they are doing in a fight. I am a fighter, and I don’t need to protect my hair. And I can humiliate the girl eather way without going for hers. I am a female grappler. And the pictures you have is almost like mild porn. Your fighting is basicly fighting pornography, and insulting.

  9. This particular article is for girls who have little or no experience at fighting other women, and it expresses the methods of winning a catfight vs another inexperienced woman. As for porn, I do agree that some of the pictures do border on it, but at the same time I think no woman can deny that in every emotionally intense confrontation between women there is a sexual undercurrent, sometimes more obvious than others, but it is nonetheless always present, which differentiates us from male combatants. We are sex, we are female, and we are much more emotionally oriented than the male. Add that to the fact that we basically don’t like, don’t trust and feel we are superior to other women, especially sexually and that is the emotional/sexual basis of all fights between us. Can you truthfully say there has been no sexual undercurrent in any of your fights? If so, your experiences differ greatly from mine and other women I know

  10. I like to humiliate the fluff queens,(All long blonde hair & big mouths.)Just grab two fistfuls of fake blonde hair & pull & twist,goldilocks will cry & submit.

  11. This all depends on whether this is a “fight” fight, or just friendly horseplay! When I was studying taekwondo (I got all the way to yellow belt, you know- until my horrible crippling injury that ended my ability to train for over a year- my sparring partner trod on my big toe. WHAT? Well, it was MY big toe. It hurt. Lots.) I was talking to one guy who had “seen-it-all,” and I let slip something about so-and-so being “an expert fighter.”

    This guy was no wimp- you wouldn’t want to meet him in a well-lit alley, or anywhere, he said: ” “Expert fighter?” you say? No, there is no such thing…!

    He proceeded to tell me a horror story about a hulking soldier who was beating up on some slighter guy- as they liked doing during our military dictatorships- he had this poor chap eight ways to Sunday. The poor unskilled fellow flailed out desperately- his finger went up the soldier’s nose- you know the negro nostril- RIPPED HIS NOSE WIDE OPEN….
    Completely unplanned.

    Only a total fool wants to fight with a grown adult, except under the most controlled and amicable conditions. What if someone stuck their nail in your eyeball? crushed your larynx? Anyone trying to mug you must be very good at what they do, because there are so many ways to ruin their day, week, month, year, it isn’t even funny any more.

  12. I am amazed that your failed to stress one of the most important aspects of winning a catfight. STRIPPING YOUR OPPONENT HALF NAKED OR COMPLETELY NAKED! I have seen females fighting and the quickest way to take the steam out of your opponent is ripping and tearing her clothes off. Usually the victim whose breasts, ass and other body parts is more concerned with covering up her exposed naked body. This is when the other female can get the upper hand with winning punches and slaps on the naked victim. In today’s world of video cameras and phones most females would rather die than to see herself getting stripped naked in public.

  13. this is total bullshit. there is nothing “sexy” about a real fight. this article is written by some creepa with a schoolgirl pin fetish who gets off on the idea of a helpless girl gettin her face pounded. any guy that thinks thers anything sexy about a girl gettin her ass kicked (unless fake fighting/wrestling) is a creepa and needs to move out of his mothers cellar. real catfights…thegirls arent in bikinis, 90% of the time they r not hot, they dont schoolgirl pin or facesit and tease their “opponents” like the sluts on those creepa websites you join and the 1st priority in a fight, is not to fight. grow up and get a life.

    • creepa its not bullshit..ok try this and you will find that you win a girl in very little time if you sat and put your all body weight on another girl’s stomach.

  14. Creepa. To each their own. If it wasn’t sexy, why is there an entire industry devoted to this? If it wasn’t sexy, why do catfight and girl fight youtube videos get so many views?

    I do respect your opinion, and I do agree that 90 percent of the time they are not “hot”. In fact, I would say 99 percent of the time they are not. And, you are right, they don’t use the facesit pin, or humiliate the other girl much, as it is done on the “creepa” websites of this industry as you so call them.

    But, I got a life, it is pretty good, and I’m sure yours is as well. To each their own, as it should be. :)

  15. dear johnny ringo, read my shit again, im talkin about real street fights dumb bum. there is nothin sexy about street fights. i have a severe sgp/facesit fetish but dont let it control me. only ppl that imagine street fights bein sexy, r ppl that live in suburbs where girls hit like moths flappin in ur face. real street fights with sgps should be stopped immediately, as for planned consentual “catfights” where there r no broke noses, pushed in eyes and brains on the ground, then bring on the sittin.
    and u gonna tell me that u dont know wut im talkin about when i say “creepa websites”? u need to get yo ass out more son

  16. once i bet my friend to fight and win.she was tall and sat on top of me,somewhere between chest and stomach. i was in great pain forgetting all the things.she won me immediately.some peoples do not believing this..ok ask your friend to sit on your tummy only for a minute and see the result.


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