Understanding the Catfight Fetish – Part 1

There are those of us in life who like to ask big questions.

Some of us want to know the truth at any cost.

There are many people in this world that “must” know the question of “why” something is. The answer is not only for ourselves but for future generations.

Asking the simple question “why” brings about entire new worlds of possibilities for the true truth seeker.  Therefore, a question that has interested me for quite some time is the following:

“Why do I like catfights?”

Namely, “what is it” that I find so compelling or attractive about two women fighting or wrestling each other?

When I first asked this question, I figured there would be a universal answer.

At this point in the journey I’m going to go out on a limb and say I was WRONG.

The reasons are as numerous as the stars in the sky from what I have gathered at this point.   It seems the more I learn on this subject the harder it becomes to pin this question down.    This is why I want to avoid, the best I can, making ultimately definitive judgements or statements on the subject.

I have been sitting on writing this essay for well over a year now and I have learned much since that time.

I am a still learning and progressing human being, each year that goes by I seem to be smarter than last year, and want to leave the best advice possible for current and future generations who find themselves asking this same question.

To start things off, I asked a very intelligent friend of mine his opinion on fetishes and his answer was very blunt.

He stated that a fetish is “what you get off to”.

I said, well, ok.    There is certainly some truth in that.

However, I enjoy the actual women involved themselves as well, (as opposed to simply the “idea” of them) and they don’t have to be “catfighting” for me to get off.  I’ve had sex with quite a few females in my lifetime so I know that they don’t have to be catfighting or wrestling to get me excited.

However!    It sure does help!   Those females that tapped into my little fetish, knowingly or unknowingly, I performed much better with.   No question about it.

But, I digress a bit on my friend’s blunt answer.   As I get older…..I find my tastes become a bit more extreme.   I am 30 years old at the time of this writing.   Not as great shape as I was a few years ago, but I still have a decent body, I’m still clean cut, and I know how to converse effectively with other females.

My tastes are becoming very defined.   I would prefer a female that is “into this” as much as I am.   I am constantly testing girls that I date to see how they respond when I want to “wrestle” and things of that nature.

Example:   There was a time when two females could lightly play slap each other and I would get rock hard aroused.   Nowadays, I might get a semblance of a hard on, but I really like a good nude facesit.   Or a tight breastsmother.  That is what gets me rock hard.    The idea of the superior woman of my choice dominating her helpless opponent physically, mentally, and even genetically in a sense is an incredible turn on.

For instance, if the hottest cheerleader on the team simply thrashed an ugly or gothic looking girl in a catfight………I would find that very sexy.    Maybe it’s a social hierarchy type of thing, or simply confirmation of the jealousy such a creature as a hot cheerleader receives.     In my mind, she deserves the adulation and the jealousy.


She is the “hot” cheerleader.    As one of my favorite WWE divas used to say…………..”This is for all the women that want to be me……………..and the men…………..who came to see me!   The idea of this “cheerleader type” imposing her “dominance” against lesser females is just a sexual thrill that I still can’t even fully describe or understand.   On one hand, it could be considered quite sickening for a person to think like this, and on the other hand, it’s very erotic in my own mind.

It’s important to understand that not all female wrestling or catfight watchers experience the same likes or dislikes in what they want to see.

I use the cheerleader and the goth for example purposes only.    There are many examples and scenarios like this that I enjoy mixing and matching against in my own head.    Short vs tall, Strong vs weak, White vs Black, so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.

The female on female physical action, the domination (sometimes) involved, the idea of one woman being completely superior to the other is just over the top appealing to me.    It is the peak performance gasoline that gets my locomotive running.

Despite that, if a brute of a woman destroys a lesser woman it does little for me if she looks like a man or is literally the size of an ox.  For others, that is their “forte”.    It is not mine.   The fans of this “fetish” are very different indeed.

So, my small description above of “what I like“, varies GREATLY from person to person out there.

Sexually, I don’t want a little girl.   I want a woman.   A woman can be 19 years old or 35 years of age.   I know “girls” who are in their late 20′s and some in their early 40′s.  I like a “woman” who takes charge.  Does bad things.   Things she is not supposed to, thus the definition of a “bad” girl.

What I have learned this past year or so is that “fetishes”………if you wish to call this a fetish, which could be a bad description, are as numerous as the people that fill the earth.   Fetishes are common amongst almost everyone it seems.    What is most likely not common in real life is the discussion of fetishes or the discovery of fetishes in many relationships since we live in a very hypersensitive world.

I started posting on various web boards around the internet in 2008 getting feelers from like minded individuals on this very question that the title of this article poses.   I posted on many catfight and female wrestling boards, and I even tried to find some boards that dealt with psychology to try to piece and glue together the various answers that are out there.

One common claim is that men enjoy women who are dominant. Essentially, you could even consider it Darwinian if you will. Much of it has to do with “who is the superior woman” for my best guess.

Perhaps, it is something genetic from our past.

I can say for myself only, that is what I “indeed” find sexy. But for me, superiority does not always consist of simply physical strength. I find it very sexy when a skinny, curvy girl destroys a girl that is much stronger or heavier than her.

For others, they prefer the exact opposite or multiple variations thereof.

But, a theme is applied in “my” case. Dominance, and/or, superiority.    However, I personally enjoy matches that are one-sided in nature while others simply do not enjoy a match unless it’s extremely competitive all the way to the very end.

Some have also claimed that the intensity involved when females wrestle or fight evokes a kind of “sexual passion”  in interested bystanders who are watching.  Two women fighting over a man can easily have this type of effect.

One common theme that you will find with a lot of fans of the catfight-female wrestling fetish is that they generally do not want to see the losing girl killed or maimed. Blood, nor disfigurement, is generally the goal, as most humans keep things strictly in the fantasy world when it comes to loving catfights and female combat.

For example, many catfight fans have stated that if they saw two girls catfight……. “for real”……they would break it up. Whether this is due to genuine concern for the girls, or social pressures, I do not know.   In my own case, I know it’s a combination of both depending on the ever various circumstances that life seems to throw at us.

For instance, I would not let my girlfriend get whipped in a catfight.

I would care little about how sexy her opponent is.

It’s good to keep in mind that some people enjoy the winner of the fight, and others watch because they empathize and “connect” with the loser of the fight. And, this catfight “fetish” is not confined to men alone.
Many women enjoy watching and participating in catfights as well.  For some, it is sexual, and for others, it is the competitive nature that thrills them rather than a sexual one.

Is this an evolutionary primal trait?  Essentially, a figment of our animalistic instinct?  A desire that has evolved or stayed with us over time?   But……..I must ask……..what about the people out there (numerous) that DO NOT enjoy two women fighting?

What about those who don’t enjoy fighting or wrestling at all?

Perhaps the evolutionary gene traveled with some……… but not others?    Indeed.   Some are gay, some are lesbian, some want to be both.    Examples abound.

Again, this is a big question.    I realize I am jumping around.  There are many angles and paradigms to consider.   Do we lean more towards the scientific angles, or religious angles, or should we even ask this question at all?

As you can see, I respect this question.    I want the real answer or answers.   I don’t want to make vast assumptions based on my own limited experiences in this world.   This is a big world.   There are a lot of you out there who are exactly like me in this regard with variations on your ultimate thrill.    Male and Female alike.

That is why this essay is labeled Part 1.

I will return for Part 2 when I have formulated enough that I personally deem worthy to be Part 2 if I ever get that far.

Part 2 is going to require your assistance.    Please leave your intelligent thoughts and opinions in the comments box below.    I would like this to be something we can build upon to gather more understanding on this subject that consumes so much of our mental, physical, and even sexual energies.

Leave a comment on this issue, not only for yourself, but for others who will be reading this down the line.  I think this is a good conversation to engage in whether you are a big fan of all this or not, because the more opinions that we have here, the more we will have to build off of.

Johnny Ringo


  1. i have asked my self the same question a million times. i still dont have the answer. but you open up new realms of thought with this. interesting. i think that prior real life experiences affects ones apreciation of a fetish.

  2. My theory for male arousal caused by female wrestling is scientific.

    I believe it is adrenaline related and the visual aspect of it amplifies that making it ultra-sexy.

    When we view a physical struggle, be it humans or animals, adrenaline, the flight or fight hormone, is released. This causes our heart rates to rise, blood pressures to increase, breathing rates to increase and we go into fight mode.

    When women are the ones in the struggle, adrenaline is released and we subconciously convert the flight mode to a sexual mode.

    The sight of their bodies wrestling or fighting is extremely sexual because of the views created and their bodies also move like they are having sex. Which would be nice to watch depending on the woman. So, this is where the amplification of arousal occurs.

    When we’re young, as Freud would say, certain pleasures become associated with sex because that is when our sexualities are developing. The pleasure of bowel movement can be associated with sex and this is where the scat lovers come from.

    For us, it’s the sight of or thought of women wrestling or fighting that gets associated with sex at an early age.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the current younger generation develops in regards to fascination with female fighting. When I was young, there was very little in regards to seeing pictures of women wrestling or seeing it on TV. So, I became obsessed because I desperately wanted to see it but it wasn’t there.

    Now, young kids can see images, videos etc whenever they want due to the internet. Female wrestling has also become socially acceptable because of it’s commonality due to people like us. So,it’s everywhere. Which raises the question, will kids develop the same way we have or will it just be arousing to them and not obsessive?

    Guess we’ll wait and see.


  3. I THINK YOU HAVE HIT ON PART OF IT DAVIS. Myself, the wrestling was the only way to see women in their underwear or less was the wrestling mags of the old style. The “apartment wrestling” stories always did it for me. I think i always wantede to see two mature busty hairy ladies, not be ladies and fight it out.

    Due to upbringing and repression of my youth, this was my only outlet. So, this is why this “fetish”( i hate that word)is so real for me.

    Hope this helps

  4. I completely agree with the “professional wrestling” style being not as much of a turn on as an apartment match with a scenario. I like one sided, bigger girl bullying a little girl, with the little girl (through either force of will, or a “Popeye type spinach” solution) kicking the living crap out of the bigger, more confident one. A victorious flex, preferably while face sitting the lose is a total bonus! How’s that for being particular?

    I believe this comes from one’s own inner feelings from childhood. I’ve anylized this within myself for many years and finally came to realize that my fetish is about me. I was an emotionally abused little boy. My mom seemed not to like me much, and totally preferred my older brother. My little mind figured out that if my brother and I fought for my mom’s attention my mom would want him to win. So….my mind turned it into a sexual fantasy. I am actually wrestling my brother for my mom’s attention. Since I’m a straight guy, I turned it into two women fighting over me! I was always bigger than my brother, and kind of chubby….so, I always enjoy it when the losing girl is bigger than the winner. I guess I am beating myself up, but since that’s the case…it might as well be done by two beautiful women.

  5. As a 51 yr old divorced man I’ve finally figured out what got me into this whole “female wrestling” thing. It started with a simple conversation with a cute farm girl who depicted (very well, I might add) a fight she had with another girl. I was about 10 yrs old and had no idea that her little innocent story would be the sexual driving force of my life! Puberty came and I found myself imagining female classmates in fighting scenarios with each other. I found out about masturbation from these late night fantasy images. I have been stuck on female wrestling and fighting ever since. But I must add that as one ages, one’s fantasies grow or narrow, depending on the circumstances. The introduction of the internet opened EVERYTHING up for me. From years of frustrated searches for a woman who understood my desires and fantasy I had resigned myself to the fact that only a good session wrestler could give me what I needed, but even that wasn’t a “true” encounter (although very fun at times… lol). Through my constant searching of the keyword “women’s wrestling” on the newly arrived internet I found a new life in my fantasies! I felt like a kid in a candy store! But alas, there still weren’t females who talked about having similar interests! One day, during my searching I accidentally hit on a site that showed two muscle men wrestling in tiny speedos. I QUICKLY clicked away from it in shock! Consequent future searches ended up hitting on those sites and one day I saw that there was a message board. I read a few of the messages and found that there were men out there who were just like me! They loved women’s wrestling just like me but also wrestled each other. …… anyway, I’ll turn this away from that because I know that this is a female wrestling blog, but I’m making the statement that fantasies can change over time. I’ve discovered that my fantasies of wrestling are very wide-ranging but I’ll always enjoy a great female match over anything else. Oh, and by the way, I’m a pretty successful fantasy female wrestling and boxing website producer and LOVE your blog!

  6. Hey, I think your report is very factual and well written. That being said, as to the underlying reason we like what we do,well, I have no psycho babble reason for it. I just always tended to think of myself as normal and anyone who thought it not a turn on to view two hot females in a scrap as being the weird ones.It sterted for me when I was 13yrs. old and my Dad took me to a pro wrestling event on the card that night was a match billed only as two top ladies. It turned out to be a classic costume battle between Cowgirl Marlene and Princess Little Dove the Indian princess. These ladies were not “divas” but they were rather attractive women. Marlene was listed at 138lbs. while Little Dove weighed in at 130. Marlene playing the role of the face started strong with a series of hip tosses and snapmares. Each time Little Dove’s butt would hit the mat she would let out a resounding ohhhh. Marlene concentrated on Dove’s injured buns and put her in the classic keister buster. After about 3 times of having her butt slammed to the mat Little Dove made it to the ropes forcing the break. As Little Dove rose she was holding and rubbing her sore ass while Marlene laughed and pointed out the damage she had inflicted to the fans. Marlene then rushed her foe but was met with a kick to the tummy. Dove applied a side headlock and when she caught the ref out of position would rake Marlene’s face and eyes. Marlene stumbling around blinded was caught in a single leg lift takedown. Crashing to the mat hard it was now Marlene rubbing her ass. Still holding Marlene’s foot Dove lifted her leg and stomped hard to Marlene’s shapely thigh before applying a stepoertoe hold. Dove really worked the hold as Marlene groaned and complained ” oh that hurts, my leg oh leggo my leg”. After absorbing a lot of punishment to her leg Marlene finally kicked free and got to her feet favoring her right leg. No mercy from Little Dove who back leg sweeps Marlene back onto her ass and grabs her injured leg and delivers 3-4 more stomps to the back of her thigh before re-applying the stepoertoe. Marlene is now reduced to begging, ” oh no not again… Please not that anything but that… oh please you know I can’t take that..” But take it she did for several minutes before Dove grabbed her other leg and hooking both legs behind the knees rolled her over into a Boston crab. Marlene was literally howling in pain now as the ref moves in and asks if she wants to give up. “No ohhhh no moans Marlene” but as the ref starts to move away it changes to a nearly whispered yes. “What was that,” asks the ref.”Yes yes oh God yes” loudly replies Marlene, and the match was over. I was rock hard throughout the whole match and am even excited now, years later,from writing this description. Now I ask who in their right mind wouldn’t be turned on by that?

  7. I take BIG EXECPTION to terming women wrestling and fighting “fetish.” That belittles the women who are good fighters.
    I like to see women who are really good fighters. And I personally want women in my life who have a little more “testosterone” in their veins than the average female.
    Yes, TV “wrestling” gives women only 2 minutes – that’s even 2 measly minutes for a women’s championship match!
    When women fight in the movies, the camera shakes and that and cuts destroys the view. When men fight, it is rock steady and we see every move.
    I’d love to meet Gina Carrano, but you know, she’s a girl fighter, not a fighter.
    There is real female wrestling out there. But even if they are in one-piece bathing suits, the sites are “adult.” WHAT?!!!
    I think Part 2 should be on why women are considered fetish and why there is no respect.

  8. Great article and thought provoking. I have fantasised about seeing my wife in a rules catfight ever since we met and she has known about it. She teases me she will fight and one day I so hope she does but even if she doesn’t we use my fascination (not fetish, I agree with the comment on belittling those that do it) as part of our sex life. I would never want to see a real nasty fight but I do like ‘fight to win’ the competitiveness and desire to leave a mark on her rival is what turns me on most. That ‘mark’ could be some lost hair, a red slap mark even a scratch or two. The desire to win thrills me and seeing two sexy girls fight within rules is an incredible turn on for me.

    I think as with any pornography it is the excitement of the endorphin release that turns us on and as with other pornography differnet things appeal to differnet people. Would i want to actually seee my wife fight? would this destroy the fantasy. Maybe it would so her describing it to me and role playing fights is probably as realistic as i will ever get. Watching two fit women fight or wrestle hard, now that will never cease to thrill me.

  9. I have a death fetish. I get turned on by the losing girl though. It’s as if I love the “destruction of beauty”. I *really* like it when a man kills a woman, or eg. a black girl kills a white girl (my own “race”). I think fetishes are nothing but genetic mutations, that spread through the population. Some people say youth trauma causes it, but I’ve had it since I was five, and I never experienced anything bad. I enjoy my fetish, though I keep it a secret. When you say “I’m a necrophile”, people immediately think you murder people and rape their corpses, or desecrate graves. Bullsh*t. I keep it under control, and “enjoy” 3D poser art.


  10. I agree with the Freudian comments. My fetish for female fighting is very specific and goes back to my earliest awareness. Thats when girls wore skirts, shorts and white socks, usually to school and out of school alike. I became a leg man then and still am. The idea of legs intertwined turned me on and still does. Then when I saw my first professional wrestlers in their swim suits, boots and quite often white (usually) socks showing my fetish was stamped permanently. To this day, bare legs, wrestling boots and socks are my trigger. And of course the visceral action of the wrestling and fighting feed my base instincts.

  11. Susan Ondine here. I became so obsessed with catfights that I wanted to dress like a female and go into combat myself, slapping, pulling hair and having my own pulled. My story can be seen if you google the words:susan ondine catfight queen

  12. men are captivated by 2 things – sex and violence. this combines both and evokes thoughts of 2 females seeing who the superior one is to achieve a mate. That is why there is underlying sexual tension, which arouses males

  13. This is a question I, and it seems many others, have asked. I do not fully understand why I find this “fetish” so arousing, and I can only theorize why this is a common fetish to so many.
    For myself, I think that it is the act of women competing for dominance or superiority that attracts. I have enjoyed this fetish steadily since puberty, as I have gotten older the fight/wrestling needs to be more realistic for me to enjoy it, true competition and emotions need to be at stake. I think this is because it has taken me time to really define what I like, and imitations are not as satisfying.
    As for a larger trend, it is my theory that the attraction is biologically based. Threw thousands of years of conditioning we have been taught that the dominant competitor is the better mate. Now days we don’t see this type of competition very often in common society, but a part of us still has this desire, and that is how the fetish has been born and sustained.

  14. I read somewhere that all this stuff can be considered as the gladiator shows of the 21st century. Many people loved those shows back then so it’s possible that the reason is the same. It has to be something deep within our mind, maybe even encoded in our DNA. And if so, I’m not sure it’s a problem at all.

  15. I like to watch two girls going at it toe to toe.

  16. I enjoy the woman to woman contact of two very eqal women with large brest fighting with there brests. The competiitive nature of the conflict between the two women and even the strain of there muscles against each other is extremly arrosing to me and has been as long as I can remeber. I assosiate female fighting and sex very closely but keep it a secret as much as I can.

  17. I hope you Continue on with this.


  18. evryone has there own reason for liking this

  19. I like the concept of a “stunning upset,” where the seemingly invincible woman is defeated by a seemingly lesser oponent. Most of what excites me is a running narrative I have in my head that “adapts” what I am seeing to my actual fantasies.
    I like seeing 2 women wrestling, but the combination of the visual along with my narrative is what really does it for me.

    This narrative has pretty much stayed the same for over 35 years, but most of the characters have changed.

    It all started for me with Wonder Woman & Supergirl.

    When I first started with Golden Girls & Double Trouble videos, my fantasy “invincible” women were the likes of Rene Vicary, Shelly Berg, Belinda Belle etc..

    Today, it is women like Frankie Zappitelli, Vanessa Harding, Christine Dupree, Hollywood and Tanya Danielle.

    Topless matches are great, but non-topless matches with women I like in the type of action I like are great too.  I would gladly purchase a mutli-pinfall non topless match between Frankie Zappitelli (who no longer works topless) against Tanya Danielle, for example.

    Then of course, there is the type of action.  I’m not a huge fan of catfights (unless it has the women I like being defeated) and much prefer scripted multi-fall ring action.  I’m not into submissions either and prefer pin falls and ko’s via sleepers, pildrivers etc…
    Sleeperkid’s World has the type of scripted matches that I really like.

    So… I continue the lifelong search for the perfect scenario- not an easy task but lots of fun nevertheless.

  20. Well for me I would to say it definitely started because I was exposed to watching women’s wrestling at the age of 5. My father was a big fan of “Glow Wrestling” so eversince then I was hooked, but I think women have a lot to so with this as well, our fetish for women’s wrestling is actually pretty cool, I thought I was a wierdo when I first introduced this to my first girlfriend back when I was 22 and I have to say that she liked it a lot, she enjoyed the teasing aspect of this… She mentioned that every woman is bit of an exhabitionist, women love to looked at as long as you’re getting off on it. She made me realize that I should embrace this fetish and that most women will enjoy this fetish because it gives them a bit of a control trip. She realized that when she would role play with me she was actually controlling the tempo of the sex. She knew how to get me hard and she also had me when she wanted, she enjoyed the secretsy between us, none of my friends or family new of this side of our relationship… I think in order for us men to be in a fully committed relationship we must be honest with ourselves and listen to your inner self and make your mate your fantasy woman as well, trust me it’s awesome to be with a woman that understands your most deeper desires. So what I’m in to now is the one sided pro style matches with my girl loosing and an imaginary masked female dominating her, for some reason she enjoys to loose, she loves to get leghooked pin an be counted till 10 lmao!!! And guess who’s the ref? Me so then after she looses she has to get fully naked and you know what happens from there anyway thought I’d share this with you guys, but definitley women have some sord of connection with this, every woman I’ve been with after that has enjoyed this side of me… I never had a complaint about it so I’m still in search of my fantasy female wrestler lol


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