Lucille vs Luna – DWW Movies 811

It is the profound pleasure of the Catfight Report to bring your attention to this matchup!

There is should be no question in anyone’s mind that Lucille and Luna are…….. without a doubt…….. the two biggest rising stars of Danube Women’s Wrestling (DWW) if you follow their awesome female wrestling matches they produce.

Quite frankly, you are going to be hard pressed to find two sexier females than Luna and Lucille.  Both are in their mid-20′s, are powerful on the mats, like to use their sexy bodies to their advantage, and everything you see on those bodies are 100 percent natural.

Luna is a virtual newcomer to DWW but has been absolutely tearing it up on the mats and blowing through opponent after opponent.   She was covered in the Catfight Report Internet Magazine Volume 1.
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The busty blonde Lucille has certainly taken notice of the newcomer and does not want Luna stealing the thunder Lucille has created in DWW since the departure of Luzia.

The movie starts out with both Luna and Lucille comparing one another and putting one another down.  The two sexpots engage in a little storyline to start the matchup but it’s 100 percent real after that.

The two decide to engage in a strip-off, to decide who has the better body.

Both women perform extremely sexy strip teases and then engage in a very hot lesbian kiss.

Then, the action is on!

Folks, this is 100 percent real wrestling!

Both of these women have a tremendous amount of pride and both women absolutely love dominating and humiliating their opponents when they are on the winning end.


This match does not disappoint!

If you are a fan of the breast smother, tight headscissors, reverse and forward neck and head crushing facesits, and extremely hot and competitive wrestling action…………this match is for you!

Both of these females consistently taunt and tease each other with their sexuality throughout the match.  Many times you will see Luna trapping Lucille in a full body press, or Lucille doing the same to Luna, while smiling and brushing their lips very close to each other’s mouth and lips.

This is one of the hottest wrestling videos I have seen in a long while and I highly recommend this.

From a personal standpoint, Lucille has a lot to fear from Luna.   Indeed, Lucille has been my favorite wrestler at DWW ever.   Now, with Luna coming along, I’m seriously reconsidering that notion and I’m certain that I am not alone.

There is a very clear winner in this matchup and the loser is not at all happy about the outcome!   The winner dominates the loser with a tight facesit pin and holds her there as the loser gets quite mad and angry.

This is going to be a big feud at DWW down the line……………..mark my words!

To buy this movie:
1. Click on the DWW banner above and open in a new window.
2. Click on the “DWW Movies” tab.
3. On the left hand part of the screen………click on “search” located under “Movies”.
4. In the “keywords” box………type in 811
5. You can buy this movie on DVD or download it instantly to your computer from the DWW website.
6. If you click to download instantly, the log in screen will come up. Choose the option to “buy credits” and you will be well on your way to catfight enjoyment within minutes.

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  1. I dont like the apartment setting. Think I will wait until they have a submission match or catfight on mats or outside! To me running into furniture and other such nonsense detracts from the sport

  2. Try to imagine seeing and observing two teams of equal number, and equal appearing BBWs, that is both sides are the same size and same equally big and lusty appearance. Thereof, two teams of equally big and beautiful women, and both sides wearing the same and exact types of black high heels, and nothing else, and then try to imagine watching as both sides of the BBWs (team) then converge on each other body to body, thigh to thigh, clit to clit, lips grinding lips, tongues melting into tongues, at the same time, and then see which side can outlast the other. Try to imagine two teams of BBWs compressed together in a long and lusty endurance contest to see which side can outlast melting into the other side. I would like to see this become a professional international sport where equal sized foreign BBWs take on for example, their equally matching opponents in a Worldwide Womens Tribbing (tribadism) Olympics.


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