The Catfight Report Internet Magazine – (July 2010 Edition – Volume 7)

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In this Issue:

- Introducing………The Catfight Report Challenge!
- 2 Matches Reviewed from Double Trouble
- What’s new from the Catz Review?
- Want to test your Catfight-Female Wrestling writing skills?
- Catfight Party?   What’s that?


It is now time to unveil one of my most creative ideas, and it is an idea that I think that is going to change the face of this industry for a long time to come.

Whoa!   Hey there Johnny Ringo!   (that’s me!)

That’s a pretty massive claim I’m making!

Well, I ask for you to hear me out, because those of you who read this, and many others, are going to be the ones that will make or break my theory.

So what is this ground breaking………….. revolutionary new idea you ask?

What I am going to be doing is sending out challenges.   

Catfight Report Challenges.  

Hence, the name.  I’m going to be sending the challenges to females who I think will make for compelling matchups that the fans will pay for.

The females I will be targeting will be from all walks of life.   I will be targeting female celebrities, female wrestlers, female fitness models, porn stars, girls next door, amateurs, you name it!

My main pre-requisites for each match will be the following:

1.   The match must be UNIQUE AND COMPELLING.   Meaning, you, the fans, will pay for it, and, most likely, it will be a matchup that you have never seen before in your life!

2.   I will only accept females who are willing to fight and wrestle hard.   I don’t want giggling females or females who will not give 110 percent for myself and the paying fans.   I will not accept all females and will be very picky about who I accept for the Challenge.

3.   The females involved in the matchup MUST be willing to promote the matchup in return for participating in it.   (THIS IS REQUIRED!)

4.   I would prefer females who have prior antagonism, or females who have worked closely aside one another, that fans have possibly had fantasies about in a matchup at some point.

5.   The action will be REAL.  The majority of the females involved will not be trained in REAL female vs female wrestling matches, which, in my view, adds to the allure of the match.   For those that are trained, they will be matched with similarly trained females, or females brave enough to take them on.

Here are some examples:
(I have not contacted these females yet, but these are SIMPLY examples of what I deem a “compelling” matchup)

- Terri “The She-Devil” Runnels vs Stacy “The Kat” Carter
(from WWE)

- Jillian Michaels vs Kim Lyons
(The Biggest Loser)

- Mikayla Miles vs Alexis Skye
(Tall Models)

- Tanya Danielle vs Jewell Marceau
(Female Fetish Model and Wrestlers)

- Rena Mero (Sable) vs Tammy Lynn Sytch (Sunny) 
(from WWE)
- Beulah vs Francine 
(from ECW)

- Tanya Ballinger vs Kitana Baker 
(Miller Lite Catfight Girls)

- Amanda Kimmel vs Danielle DiLorenzo

Just examples!
(the girls above have not agreed to anything!)

Obviously, the matchups we could think of are endless.    They are almost as numerous as the stars in the sky, which is good, because the possibilities are boundless!

The above are examples of what would be known as the “Celebrity Series”.   I am going to have a “Celebrity Series” and I’m also going to have an “Amateur Series” as a way to introduce new girls into the business.     (these matches will most likely be less expensive to fund)

What kind of matchups are we
talking about Johnny Ringo?

The only static requirement is that the action will ALWAYS be real.   No scripts here.  No predetermined outcomes.    I am only going to target females who will fight hard, want to earn a lot of cash, and a handful of pride and bragging rights at the same time.

Let’s begin!

The Catfight Report Challenge will consist of REAL female vs female wrestling matches.

No scripts, no frills, no bullshit.

Each matchup will have it’s own unique twists, that will be decided ultimately by your level of investment in the stipulations that we post for each individual match.   The stipulations will vary based on the females involved as differing females will have differing individual tastes on what they WILL and WILL NOT do in a given matchup.

Each match type (and stipulations) will be decided by 3 parties:

1.   Myself
2.   Opponent 1
3.   Opponent 2

The stipulations and rules of each match will be decided by the first 3 parties.   The 4th party, the fans, will be the ones who FUND the matchup.   The fans will be funding what will now be known as the “Prize Chest“.

This is “part” of the way that the females will make income off participation.

The key here, is that fans will only have 30 DAYS to fund the prize chest for each individual matchup to maximize the profit for the females involved in the matchup.    You can fund a little or you can fund a lot depending on your level of interest in the match.

Nothing is better than a good example!

So, let’s say I get Tanya Danielle and Jewell Marceau to agree to wrestle each other, for real, in a Catfight Report Challenge match.    (just an example remember!)

After myself, Tanya, and Jewell agree on the stipulations, the details, and all the legals and logistics, I will then post the “challenge” to this website.   

Over a 30 day period, I will be promoting the challenge to Catfight Report fans, Tanya will be promoting the challenge to Tanya Danielle fans, and Jewell will be promoting to Jewell Marceau fans.  

Hopefully, many of you out there will be promoting this as well, and if the names are compelling enough, it would be great to get some big news sites and blogs on board promoting for us as well. 

Ok!    So, let’s say I post Jewell Marceau vs Tanya Danielle to the website.   

Let’s say…….it’s on!    They agree to wrestle for real!    Woo-hoo!
(To be clear, they have not agreed, as I am using them for example purposes)

You fans will have 30 days to fund the prize chest.     Here are examples of the “stipulations” and “rewards” fans will get for certain levels of investment.    (remember, these are merely examples, as there are a ton of stipulations we will do!)

So, there are two areas to be covered:

- The “Prize Chest” Rewards
- The “Prize Chest” Stipulations

If you, the fan invests………….you the fan will receive…….

$10 – We will list your website, company, personal name, facebook page, you name it, on the page of the stated matchup with a permanent link.   (if you wish)

$25 – You will get the video, normally priced at $50, for half off by funding the chest early for the females involved, when the video is made available.    (Highly recommended and this will stay static for Celebrity Matches.   Prices for Amateur videos are to be determined but will most likely cost less)

$100 – You will get a signed autographed picture from a girl of your choice (or both) with a personally signed thank you message addressed directly to you from the match.

$250 – The girls involved, or the girl of your choice, will personally thank you (or your company) on the video by name.

$500 – Want to promote your website or company?   You can buy an ad spot in the video at this price.   (1 minute in length)

$1,000 – Want to be present at the private taping and even appear in the video?   We will only make available a limited number of spots for something like this, for example, perhaps only 10 spots.

$5,000 – Want to be the ref for the matchup and appear in the video?    Limited to 1 spot and 1 spot only.


These are just examples as they will vary each time we post a matchup.   Some of these may stay the same, like the video and link deal, but other pricing and rewards will vary based on the girls involved.   Always remember that the prices may be higher or lower based on the females involved.

If you, the fans, “collectively” as a group invest………….

$1,000 – The girls involved will wrestle in bikinis.

– The loser has to kiss both of the winner’s feet after the matchup.

– Slaps and Hairpulling now allowed at this level.

– The participants agree to wrestle nude at this collective investment level.


These are just examples as they will vary each time we post a matchup.   Prices will be determined depending on the perceived market value of the participants.   Always remember that the prices may be higher or lower based on the females involved and the stipulations will be pre-agreed upon by myself and the two females who will be wrestling prior to posting a challenge.


When I get two females who agree (or are interested) in doing a match…….I am going to do a little bit of research beforehand and poll and ask questions to you fans out there.    I will be asking questions like, would you fund this matchup?     What would you like the stipulations to be?    How much would you invest?    Things of that nature.

How is the “Prize Chest” distributed?

That’s a great question!

Remember, since I want the females to fight hard, and since I want the females to be interested in making money on this venture, and since I only want females who WANT TO WIN…….here is how the “Prize Chest” will be distributed.

50 Percent – Goes to the Winner
25 Percent – Goes to the Loser

25 Percent – Goes to the Catfight Report

And, we are throwing in something additional for the WINNER of the match.   The winner will receive a 25 percent royalty on all post-video sales of the specific video for 5 years!    The loser will receive no royalties, but we will thank them for participating, and encourage them to do better next time if they ever get the opportunity again to be a part of the Catfight Report Challenge! 

Again, the thought process on all of this is that we are going to heavily reward the winners, and hopefully this will lead to some hard fought action, and extremely interesting and compelling stipulations that will get you fans to open your wallets.

During the 30 day period, I will be posting the totals accumulated on my website for the given matchup, to let the girls and fans know how much is being collected to the “Prize Chest” on a daily basis.


Think of this as a “Free Market” in real female wrestling.

This will be good for the girls, as they will get to see what kind of market value they have, and it will be good for fans and producers of this industry, as I am going to attempt to funnel new fans to existing companies already in this genre.

If a girl thinks she is worth “X” amount in a real wrestling match, well, we are going to find out!     But, the girls involved are going to have to agree to wrestle, even if the amounts invested are low.    This is why it’s crucial that the girls involved are willing to promote the match for the 30 day period, but they will have my help as well.

For you current Catfight and Female Wrestling producers out there, I think this is a great opportunity for you to find new fans and new talent for your productions.   I want to act as a conduit as many of these girls I’m going to be attempting to send to you.   

Also, I am more than willing to set up revenue sharing possibilities with current producers for this.    I am going to be shooting a lot of the matches in my home state of Indiana, but, I also want to hold these events with various companies in this industry doing the sponsoring.

For example, if I could get Tylene Buck to wrestle Francesca Le for real, it would make all the sense in the world to hold that event at Double Trouble Productions if they agreed to it.

Also, more than anything else, I want and need your feedback!    Fans and producers alike! Get in the habit of emailing me and giving me ideas.     Get in the habit of looking for girls that you think would be good for this.

I may not respond to each and every request but I PROMISE I will read every single email that comes through!

When do the matches start?

Now that I have made this announcement, I’m going to be spending the next month or so contacting females that I would think would make for compelling matchups.   I’m also going to gauge interest from various producers and see which ones are on board and which ones are not.

Stay tuned to this website and the best way to follow my updates is to subscribe to the RSS feed at the top of this page, or simply join my networks on Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter!

If you are a huge fan of this like I am……put your money where your mouth is!   I’m going to be putting my resources on the line to make this happen, and I only want to work with those who love this stuff as much as I do.

Email Johnny Ringo:

There are more details surrounding this that will be announced in the coming months.

Stay tuned and I look forward to those emails!


If you followed our most recent unscientific poll………Double Trouble Wrestling blew out the competition when it came to scripted female vs female wrestling.    This was even against big companies like the WWE and TNA.

So what makes Double Trouble so darn good?

The females are beautiful and they try hard to make the action look realistic.   If you have ever looked at their roster, they are the New York Yankees of the female wrestling business. Here are a couple of videos that they have recently released that we are going to review and compel you to purchase.    Normally we focus on 1 on 1 battles, but we are going to do something new this month and focus on some of Double Trouble’s other offerings.

Match Review 1 – Nude Scripted Boxing
Akira Lane & Miko vs Goldie Blair

The video starts off with a fired up and top nude Miko (donning a pair of boxing gloves) stating that she is mad at Goldie Blair for beating her last time and that she is going to kick her ass!

Standing on the other side of her, and giving her encouragement, is Akira Lane!

A top nude Akira tells Miko she can get the job done and does a bit of sparring with Miko until Goldie arrives.    As Miko punches Akira’s gloves, she is talking a lot of smack, saying that she is going to give the big breasted Goldie two black eyes on her pretty face.

Suddenly the golden one appears on the side of the ring, with her lovely British accent, as she feigns shock at the two Asians talking smack about her in the ring.

GOLDIE:   What?   It takes two of you to beat me now does it?

Akira states that she is just here to help Miko warm up, but a confident Goldie states that she could take the both of them.   Akira can’t believe it, and says that she will box Goldie first!

Goldie is very pleased as she says she is going to take Akira first, then Miko, then when she is done, she is going to tie both of them up and use them as punching bags!

Goldie steps into the ring and her and Akira immediately go at it!

What fans will find impressive about this matchup is that the punches are very well choreographed and the camera angles and everything are done very well.   In my opinion, most of the punches look just as good as you would see in a Hollywood movie.

Picture of Goldie vs Akira from the match

As always, Goldie talks a lot of smack, but boy does she back it up.    After a flurry of blows to the stomach and face…………Akira slumps in the corner totally beaten and defeated.   Goldie then turns her attention to Miko who timidly is standing on the outside of the ring.

A once confident Miko is confident no more after seeing the beating that Akira receives, as she slowly starts to crawl out of the ring.

GOLDIE:   You can run, and you can hide, but I will catch you in the street, and it will be a street fight, and I will beat the shit out of you!     Get in the ring……..or else!

Miko says she suddenly doesn’t feel well, but says she is going to “take care of business” anyhow, as she gets in the ring and faces off against Goldie.

Miko fires some punches into Goldie’s breasts and stomach as Goldie laments that she is hitting harder than last time.   To Miko’s credit, she does last a bit longer than Akira, but meets the same fate as she gets counted down as the match is over.

Picture of Goldie vs Miko from the match:

And, best of all, Goldie fulfills her promise, as she ties both women up in the corner, and delivers a beating to both of them that neither of them will soon forget!

All in all, you have 3 beautiful females, topless, semi-realistic looking action, and a very fun and interesting clip here as it delivers about 21 minutes worth of action.    Fans of watching the big breasted British Goldie Blair will absolutely love watching her dominate and humiliate her two hapless Asian opponents.

Purchase and Download this video right now!
Akira Lane & Miko vs Goldie Blair 

Match Review 2 – Double Team Action
Alyssa Reece & Lola vs Sinn Sage & Ashley Steel

You a fan of Double Team action?    These 4 women have the goods.    All of them are dressed in skimpy bikinis as Ashley has the legs and height, Sinn Sage has the awesome backside, Alyssa has the looks and attitude, and in Johnny Ringo’s opinion, Lola is the total package.

And, this match marks the debut of Alyssa, Ashley, and Lola!

The 4 women waste no time getting underway as there is a short debate about who is going to start the match.    It starts off with Sinn Sage vs Lola.   

The two women grapple for position as Sinn takes Lola down and applies a crossbar and head scissors combination as both women moan and groan as if they are having sex.  

It’s not long before Lola breaks lose and nails some well timed kicks to Sinn’s midsection and then locks her up on the mat in a camel clutch.    Soon, Lola is in total control, with a combination arm bar and leg scissors across Sage Sinn’s abdomen.

However, Sinn is not one to take things lying down, as she locks Lola in a standing headscissors and asks her……..”How do you like that”?    However, if you want to see a really stunning headscissors, and some sexy trash talking, you should see the standing headscissors that Lola locks Sinn Sage in afterwards.    Lola not only gives Sinn a teasing wedgie while her head is trapped in her voluptious thighs but also slowly and seductively unties Sinn’s bikini top.   Meow!

Lola locks Sinn Sage in a standing headscissors

I won’t ruin all of the action, but in my opinion, Sinn and Lola are clearly the stars in this matchup.   Alyssa and Ashley have a way to go, and have potential, and their wrestling spots in this were certainly enjoyable, but I really think Lola absolutely steals the show from everyone here including someone who could be considered a veteran in Sinn Sage.

Lola’s facial expressions, sexual wrestling holds,  and body are absolutely stunning.   All of these girls could use some work in making some of the action look a bit more realistic, but I think some of them made up for it by the extremely sexy holds they pulled off at various times along with the catty backtalk.   I think fans will especially like Lola’s tight headscissors at the very end on Sinn Sage as Sinn is forced to look up at Lola’s gigantic naked breasts as Lola spits out the trash talk.

If you are not familiar with Lola, check out the Catfight Report Internet Magazine Volume 6 as Double Trouble had a short interview with her that you can find at the top of the piece.

Purchase and Download this video right now!
Alyssa & Lola vs Sinn Sage and Ashley

What’s New?
At the Catz Review?

We first covered the Catz Review in the 5th edition of our Catfight Report Internet Magazine.

Located in Britain……..they produce 100 percent real catfights!
(except of course for matches that are labeled “semi-competitive”)  

They are pushing the envelope and want you to consider them for your business!

In the Catfight Report Internet Magazine Volume 5 we posted an interview with one of their fighters………….a lady by the name of Sexy Fee.

This month we are posting another interview with them so you can get introduced a bit more to the females on their roster.

Here is a video short of one of their newest catfighters……..who goes by the name of Toony!


Catz Review – Short Interview with new catfighter Toony from Johnny Ringo on Vimeo.

Go the the Catz Review right now!


The new home of what is this gentleman calls “The Catball”.

Your Home for Catball Catfights!


Want to try your hand at writing?

Here at the Catfight Report……..I am always looking for people who love this industry as much as I do.  

I am currently looking for some good people that want to try their hand at writing for the Catfight Report.     What you write about will be agreed upon by myself and you, and I’m looking for people that have been associated with or have been fans of this industry for a 
long time.

You can do reviews, stories, write general articles about the industry, write critiques on certain moves, techniques, and such, or just write some articles that you think will get people talking.

I am also interested in having females within the industry write for me, and anyone that writes will have the opportunity to link liberally to their own websites, and can use the Catfight Report as a promotion platform for things you have coming up.   (if related to this industry)

Also, if you are a member of affiliate programs that have to do with the industry, or if you want to write movie reviews and link to Amazon, you can keep all of the commission that you generate off of your entries as the links you insert can be your own.


Email Johnny Ringo!

Poll Results

I didn’t get a lot of responses in my poll from last month, which I find kind of troubling, since there were over 50,000 unique visits to this website last month.    Only I received 238 votes and I’m not about to make any conclusions as to why the voting turnout was so low.

In any case, the winner was Double Trouble Wrestling as they smashed the competition with 71 votes.

Here is the final tally:

Double Trouble – 71 Votes
WWE – 24 Votes
Other – 24 Votes
Kick Ass Girlz – 21 Votes
Catfight Central – 20 Votes
Sleeperkid’s World – 19 Votes
TNA – 16 Votes
Shimmer – 15 Votes
Steel Kittens – 13 Votes
Ring Women Video – 10 Votes
Wrestlelicious – 5 Votes

There will be no polls again until I feel the participation will be better.    If you would like to leave in the comments why you DIDN’T vote, that would be quite helpful.

Visit the Deluxe sponsors of the Catfight Report:

Double Trouble Wrestling

** Please note the reviews in this piece are paid reviews. Sometimes producers pay me to write reviews and sometimes I make money when you sign up and purchase videos at their website. If you ever have questions or concerns, or need details on this, simply email me. **


  1. I didn’t vote because don’t like scripted companies… Would vote on questions about real match-up’s and fights.

  2. Sponsored matches I’d like to see….
    Jet from London Vs Robin from LA
    They Fought in a semi-competitive match that got heated and would like to see them go at it for real.
    Antscha Vs Anne Hurricane
    Tanya Danielle Vs Santana
    Nicole Oring Vs German ASfilms fighters
    Fucsha from seattle Vs DWW girls
    Xana Vs Jet from London
    Tigerr Benson Vs BitchfightUK girls
    Lola Vs European fighter
    Philippine fighter Vs Western Blond fighter
    Japanese fighter Vs Western Blond fighter

  3. i would love to see the philippines girls take on the dww girls what great catfights these would be


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