Superheroine Double-Take: Two Blond Bombshells, One Hot Costume

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by:   Warren Griffin
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Review 1:
Tanya Danielle


Tylene Buck

Over a quarter of a century of catfight movie-making, Double Trouble Productions has amassed impressive collections of videos devoted to specific sub-genres of female fighting, one of the most colorful being the world of superheroines. 

With comic book mastermind George Pérez at the helm of many of Double Trouble’s fantasy scripts through the years, Double Trouble established itself as an early leader in the art of caped conflict, pitting some of the most beautiful bodies ever to grace the fem-fight industry against each other in wildly entertaining story-driven matches.

The recipe for success was simple: Take naturally tough ladies with truly heroic physiques, trick them out in top-notch heroine/villainess costumes that cling and shimmer in all the right places, amp them up with fantasy superpowers … and let the showdowns begin!!

There are many brilliant matches in Double Trouble’s long-running flagship fantasy series called The Sisterhood of Superheroines.

Today’s 2-for-1 superheroine video review features a couple of Double Trouble’s most famed blond bombshells–Tanya Danielle and Tylene Buck–who truly have the looks of living, breathing superheroines anyway, and who interestingly both wore the same Supergirl-esque costume in different Double Trouble matches.

Want to know which super-hottie wore the boots better, who gave the most worthy performance as the overconfident do-gooder, and who wound up losing her costume entirely in the end?  Then run, don’t walk, to Double Trouble NOW to see these oft-compared uber-babes getting their superheroine on … in the same costume!  Then be sure to come back and tell us which megablond you think should take the prize as the best S-girl!  Place your comments below!

Here’s my take …

Match 1: Tanya Danielle vs Tina Z

Tanya Danielle


The bodacious Tanya Danielle is a stone-cold looker, and she invariably takes superheroine roles by storm.

Her bodily dimensions seem lifted straight from the pages of comic book lore, and when she wriggles that ultra-fit, ultra-stacked frame into a well-done costume and assumes an ultra-confident power stance with hands on hips and chin held high, you’d think you’ve died and gone to Metropolis!!

So it is with this stand-out fantasy match, pitting Tanya (as Super Maiden) against the high-octane Tina Z.

The premise is an interesting one, because it’s heroine-vs-heroine, with Tina Z nicely decked out as Wundarr Woman.  The show opens with some nifty special effects whereby the cloaked villain known as the Overmind teleports the startled heroines to opposite corners of a ring, where he declares they must fight to the death or he’ll destroy the Earth.  Forced to fight each other for the greater good, the normally chummy crimefighters hold nothing back, and what ensues is an obviously scripted but very well-paced and energetic show of the finest in heroine brutality.

Wundarr Woman quickly gains the upper hand by sucker punching Super Maiden in the belly while the heroines are setting up for what was supposed to be a test of strength, and poor Super Maiden finds herself on the receiving end of a brutal torrent of slugs to the face and body while she hangs on in the corner for dear life.

Super Maiden is admirably defiant at first, even taunting Wundarr Woman by asking if that’s all she’s got, but that just sends Wundarr Woman into an even more vicious frenzy, and Super Maiden succumbs to an excellent variety of knuckle-bombs, knees, stomps (no, the once-noble Wundarr Woman is not afraid to kick another superheroine when she’s down! Ouch!), and breath-sapping scissors.

Super Maiden attempts to surrender and concedes that Wundarr Woman is the better heroine, but it’s too late, as Miss Wundarr is now intent on taking more than just Super Maiden’s reputation for strength and fighting prowess–she wants to deprive the beleaguered heroine of her namesake maidenhood itself and proceeds to bind Super M in the corner with handcuffs (which appear magically with another nice special effects flourish) for an extended assault on the virtue between the helpless heroine’s spread legs.  To cap off her conquest, Wundarr Woman subjects Super Maiden to a perfectly applied sleeper hold that slowly saps the blond do-gooder of consciousness as she goes step-by-step from her feet, to her knees, to flat on the canvas, the agony written on her face until she’s finally out cold.

With all that action and super-drama, you probably think I’ve told you the whole match.

But nay … that’s only HALF the battle! 

I won’t spoil the remainder for you, but let’s just say that Wundarr Woman’s arrogant victory celebration is a bit premature.  And isn’t there some saying about hell having no fury like a super-powered blond deprived of her pride and virtue???

You get the idea.

I can tell you that Super Maiden on the attack in this video is one of the best examples of Tanya Danielle’s legendary pugilistic prowess and raw feline aggression that you’ll see anywhere (at one point, Tanya even claws the mat with her foot like a bull before slamming full-throttle into her cornered prey–baboom!).  Go check it out right here:



Match 2: Tylene Buck vs Jana Cat

Tylene Buck

Jana Cat

And now comes Tylene Buck, the other blond bomber!  Tylene has the build, the moves, and the attitude to be a stellar heroine, and she shows off all of the above against the lovely Jana Cat in this epic Clash of the Titted-ones!  There does not appear to be any direct link between the character Tylene plays in this video, named Super-Babe, and the one played by Tanya Danielle in the match reviewed above, but it’s interesting that they wear the same costume (except that Tylene also has a mask), giving the opportunity for some head-to-head comparisons.

In this scripted storyline, Super-Babe is duped by a fake distress call and finds Jana dressed as Black Thorn waiting to receive her.  Super-Babe manages to dodge a ladder hurled at her by the evil vixen and then launches her own offensive filled with punches, stomps, chokes, and even booty-splashes that completely overpower the villainess.  But of course Black Thorn has a plan, and the tide quickly turns when the crafty wench produces a green pendant that saps Super-Babe of her superness.

Now, the heroine’s sculpted physique becomes nothing more than a play-thing for Black Thorn, who perpetually taunts the stricken Super-Babe as she pounds away at the heroine’s face and midsection with the devastating pendant gripped right in her fist for full effect.  When Super-Babe can barely stand, Black Thorn ties the helpless heroine upright to the ladder so the punch-fest can go on and on.

But it turns out that the villainess wants more than domination, she wants Super-Babe’s costume too, as Black Thorn plans to impersonate the heroine for another evil scheme she has cooking for that night.  Upon hearing this troubling news, Super-Babe makes a last attempt to regain the upper hand while Black Thorn turns her back to make a phone call to one of her partners in crime.

Super-Babe stealthily unties herself from the ladder and moves in on the black-clad villainess.

Does Super-Babe succeed in stopping Black Thorn once and for all?

Or does the mighty heroine wind up suffering the utmost indignity–being stripped of her costume and left bound in the nude for anyone to come along and find after the villainess is long gone doing evil in Super-Babe’s name?

This is a conclusion you WILL NOT want to miss, so click below to see for yourself how the whole story undresses … er, I mean, unFOLDS!



So, who was the better caped crusader in the red and blue costume, Tanya or Tylene?

Let’s take it to a vote! 

<br /> <a href=””>Tanya or Tylene?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;”><a href=””>online survey</a></span><br /> My money is on …Well, I wouldn’t want to bias the results!

So I’ll wait for some comments from others first. ;)

The truth is that both of these ladies were born for the superheroine gig, and if you like scripted fantasy combat between bodacious bombshells in costume, you will not be disappointed with either of these excellent Double Trouble offerings.

Stay tuned for more reviews of Double Trouble’s lengthy heroine line-up!

And for those of you who enjoy seeing the lovely Tanya Danielle in fantasy costumes, be advised that she has a TON of outstanding superheroine material in her personal portfolio of videos and photo sets, including some characters that she created herself and storylines that she has infused with her own unique spin on the hard (but always sexy!) lives of superheroines.  Be sure to check out to see much more of this babe-among-babes in all her superheroine glory!

by:   Warren Griffin
Connect with him – HERE

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  1. My vote goes to Jana Cat. I think she is the sexiest of all 4 of these ladies!


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