Kim and Ginny’s Celebrity Fights!

Website:  Kim and Ginny’s Celebrity Fights!

It’s become obvious to me during my years as a catfight and female wrestling fan that many of you like your female vs female combat in story based form.

A female duo that goes by the name of Kim and Ginny, along with their dedicated and talented roster of scribes, have been providing stories for this fan base genre for quite some time now.

Go ahead and name a female celebrity!    I dare you!

Chances are, there is a story about them at the Kim and Ginny website.

How many stories are we talking about?

Try, oh, about 1800!

Amazing?    Yes!    Very amazing indeed!

Here are the names of some of the writers that have made Kim and Ginny’s site a special one over the years:

Kim and Ginny Writing Team:
John J
Mika – (aka Hlywdcatft)
Irish – (he loves Playboy model Karen McDougal!)
The Walkin Dude

That’s 21 writers above!    But, that is not even close to being ALL the writers.   These are simply ones who have made a lot of contributions.   More than likely I’m missing a few.  Again, absolutely amazing!

Kim and Ginny, the ones who run these websites, are big fans of Hollywood actress Charlize Theron.   And, my goodness, who can blame them?   She is one of the most naturally beautiful Hollywood actresses anyone has ever laid their eyes on.    And who can forget that catfight in 2 Days in the Valley?


My only criticism of the Kim and Ginny websites is that many of the stories do not have much visual imagery in them.   Visual imagery is a big part of the human experience and I have always felt it helps the writing immensely when, at the very least, there is a picture of each participant in a given matchup.   Or, even maybe a youtube outtake.

But, despite that, it would probably take someone an entire year to read through their entire archive of material, and should provide endless enjoyment to those who love their female vs female combat in story based and fantasy form.    In fact, this is one of the reasons I started my new Catfight Fantasy Girls website is because I’m a fan of it too!

Want to visit the Kim and Ginny series of websites?

Main Archive – Over 1800 Stories – CLICK HERE
The Kim and Ginny Message Board – CLICK HERE – Link doesn’t work!
Charlize Theron/Sunny McKay Shrine – CLICK HERE
Female Celebrity Tournament Fight Page – CLICK HERE
The “Original” Kim and Ginny Bedtime Stories – CLICK HERE

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