16 Woman Topless Boxing Tournament in the Works


A gentleman has contacted me and is trying to put together a 16 Woman Topless Boxing Tournament.

Here are the Details:

- Event will be hosted by Double Trouble Wrestling.
- Tournament will be in elimination fashion.   24 matches to start, 12 in the second stage, and then 6 in the final stage.
- You will get an invitation to this Yahoo Group where you can vote on the outcome of the match.

The following are the ladies to be involved:


6 Fights Featuring-

Christina ‘The Hammer’ Carter 0-0
Diana ‘Dark’ Knight 0-0
Goldie ‘The Bad Girl’ Blair 5-7
Hollywood ‘Hands Of Stone’ Capone 10-3-1-1


6 Fights Featuring-

Crystal ‘Brilliant’ White 0-4
‘The Dark Angel’ Eve Ellis 0-0
Krystal ‘Red Hot’ Summers 1-3
‘Red Hot’ Summer Cummings 0-4


6 Fights Featuring-

Cindy ‘Baby Doll’ Pucci 0-0
‘The Punchin’ Beauty’ JC Marie 1-0-1-1
Tanya ‘The Body’ Danielle 24-0
Tylene ‘The Dream’ Buck 3-2-1-1


6 Fights Featuring-

Akira ‘Lightning’ Lane 0-0
‘Gorgeous’ Cali Logan 0-0
‘Sweet C’ Carolyn Reese 0-0
Emily ‘Lights Out’ Addison 0-0

GROUP 5-Semi-Finals

6 Fights Featuring-

Winner Group 1
Runner-Up Group 2
Winner Group 3
Runner-Up Group 4

GROUP 6-Semi-Finals

6 Fights Featuring-

Runner-Up Group 1
Winner Group 2
Runner-Up Group 3
Winner Group 4

GROUP 7-The Finals

6 Fights Featuring-

Winner Group 5
Runner-Up Group 5
Winner Group 6
Runner-Up Group 6

Each girl fights the other in there respective group making a total of 6 fights in each group giving a total of 24 fights in the first stage with the top 2 in each group going through to the semi-final stage and another 2 groups of 4 and 12 fights,again with the top 2 in each group going through to the finals and 1 final group of 4 and 6 fights giving a total of 42 fights featuring 16 girls!

How to make this a reality:

The cost of this production is around $16,800.   For a further breakdown………each of the shoots will cost $2400.    The gentleman who proposed this put together a system where you can buy shares for $300 a piece.    And, you can split the payment up into $75 increments over 4 shoots if you wish.

Here is what you get for your investment:

- Un-edited and Edited Dvd’s from each of the 7 shoots making a total of 42 fights featuring 16 girls.
- A disc of pics from each shoot making a total of around 10,000 topless boxing pics.
- A signed 10 x 8 from each shoot making a total of 35 personalised signed pics from 16 different topless boxers plus Stacy Burke the ref (she will feature 7 times in a different pose from each shoot)
- The shareholder will be sent a link to a closed yahoo group where they can vote and put input into the outcome of the fights.

Want to be a part of this?

Contact Andy and email him at:

** This has been a paid advertisement by the admin of the World of Topless Boxing Yahoo Group **

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  1. Alas, Andy took his own life earlier this year, so contacting him appears to be hopeless; however, I’d still like to go forward.  Arbie “Count” Herout, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/topless_boxing if interested.


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