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The Catfight Report is not the only blog out there that covers catfights, female wrestling, and the like.

Another one I enjoy is a blogger named Martin that has a catfight and female wrestling blog called KatFiteManiaK.

I’m pretty sure the language being written is Italian.   How do I know?   Is it because I’m cultural and worldly?    No.

It’s because I use this address:

Then, copy and paste this URL into the translator box:

Google will automatically detect the language and then convert the webpage for you into whatever language you like.   As in my case………….English.    Your case?    Only you know.

It is a nice little blog and a lot of times Martin will pick up topics that I miss.   For instance, here are some of his recent posts that you can enjoy:

Michelle Rodriguez Pillow Fight to the Death
Drama Queens in Real Fight 
Eric Stanton – When Cats Tangle
The Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson Catfight Video

At the time of this posting……….he has about 162 entries over there………and that should be a lot of reading for you folks out there.   Be sure to check out his “blog archive” on the right side of his page to find all the past articles.

In any case……………how about giving him a visit!

DESCRIPTION:   Catfight – Sexfight – Titfight — This Blog is about: Trash talking, Bitch slapping, Hair Pulling, Nipple Twisting, Leg Tangle, Rollin´ Around, Screamin´ Catfights from Hell … ..CLICK HERE

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  1. HEY! This is Martin from KatFiteManiak! Thank you for making my little blog the plug of the week! It´s very nice to hear, that people like my work! BTW: The language is german! But there is also some stuff in english… and everybody can understand the videos and pictures…

    Thanks again… Martin


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