Catfight Report Internet Magazine – May 2011 – Volume 17

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On April 25th, launched the first webcam site of it’s kind. Two of the competitive naked wrestling worlds most brilliant stars, Ariel X and Isamar Gutierrez did a live webcam show and that is only the beginning.

This is your chance to ask the girls any questions and/or make request to see special wrestling moves and holds. is the ultimate source for custom fantasy wrestling interaction with real stars.

There will be two girls on cam at all time which means they will be able to demonstrate lift and carry, belly punch, pro-style moves, sexy wrestling holds and submission and much much more. You can not see this kind of interaction on single model webcam sites.

Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime to chat live with two of the industry’s biggest names and also interact with other fans who may ask questions you didn’t think to ask.

Click here to signup and buy some credits for the next show now!!

Catfight Fantasy Girls

Voting for Chapter 4 is underway until May 10th 2011.

Here are the matches:

Tanya Danielle & Michelle Collier vs April Hunter & Samantha Grace
Ariel X vs Jewell Marceau
Christine Dupree vs Cheyenne Jewel
Bridgetta Tomarchio vs Max MikitaCherrygirl69 vs Shannon Kelly
Trisha Uptown vs Chasey Lain

Vote at the right hand side of the page. We only allow one vote per IP address.


The Academy Wrestling Report
A Blast from the Past!

A recent buzz has been created in the real female wrestling industry as Chantel Lace has returned to the mats for Academy Wrestling and We Bring It.

Some of the matches we have reviewed with Chantel, however, are matches she has lost. I’m going to take the opportunity this time around to review a match that she won against a lady most fans of this genre are very familiar with.

Chantel Lace
Goldie Blair

Release Date:   2004
Review from The Academy:
All real, un-staged submission wrestling and sexual domination between two perfect 10′s! Chantel Lace, the red haired beauty with the unbelievable body and beautiful face, gets a rare break from her Academy beatings against blonde novice Goldie. England-born Goldie was an experiment for us -we never hire adult film actresses when ! we can find and train local women, but Goldie simply charmed us over i the phone with her grace and wit. Goldie has little skills and didn’t r really understand what we were after until she started competing, and Chantel has little trouble demonstrating the skills that she has learned the hard way -from her Academy experiences to reduce the very strong and big busted blonde from a proud, confident opponent into a whimpering victim before bringing sexy Goldie to a series of screaming orgasms! An ideal tape for the legions of Chantel fans and anyone that appreciates beautiful bodies in combat!

Ringo’s Review:

I absolutely love contests where the participants are not only extremely beautiful but very busty as well.  Goldie Blair and Chantel Lace are sizzling hot in this video.   The two ladies start out top nude on the mat as they are on their knees and facing one another.   These two ladies breasts are just massive as Chantel tells Goldie that she is going to “fuck her up” as Goldie purrs…………”We will see.”

The two wrestle for position as Chantel quickly gets Goldie on her back as the brit moans and groans.  The camera focuses in on Chantel’s perfect backside as her right ass cheek is pressing up against the side of Goldie’s chin as she underhooks her from behind with a headlock while lying on top of her.

GOLDIE:   Come on……..Come on………….(in a singsong type of voice)

Goldie manages to flip Chantel over on her back, but Chantel snaps her legs around Goldie’s midsection, as Goldie sits on her knees as Chantel and Goldie’s hands are locked and struggling.   This doesn’t last long, however, as Chantel flips Goldie over and is now on top of her as she presses Goldie’s arms behind her head and stares at her as Goldie can’t move.

Goldie struggles around, unsuccessfully, as she is forced to look straight up at Chantel and her large hanging mammaries.    Chantel then leans down and presses them hard into Goldie’s face with a breastsmother as her grade A backside is pushed up into the air as the cameras snap their pictures.

Remember.    This is real female vs female wrestling.   NO script here.

Chantel holds this for a good short while until Goldie finally manages to flip Chantel back over onto her back as Chantel reapplies the body scissors like before.    However, this time, Goldie takes both of Chantel’s legs, and pushes them behind her own head.   Goldie then attempts to sit on the back of Chantel’s knees, which would have also had her sitting on Chantel’s face………………..and…………………..

Well, I’m not very far into it by this point, but let me tell you…………’s a very sexy matchup.

I will spoil things and say that Chantel Lace was pretty decisive and got the win.    However, amidst the heavy trash talking of the redhead Chantel throughout this video, Goldie does take advantage at times, and scores a couple of sexy nude facesits on Chantel’s head among other things.

But, at the end, it’s Chantel forcing Goldie to suck on the dildo, and be her defeated servant, as we have not seen Goldie wrestle Chantel Lace for real since.   Coincidence?   Or not?

Some pictures from the match:

It’s worth a purchase.   The picture quality of the video is not as good as today’s videos but I think fans will thouroughly enjoy nontheless.


New 2011 Releases by Academy Wrestling:

Chantel Lace vs Ariel X – CLICK HERE
Dia Zerva vs Wenona – CLICK HERE
Kiki vs Ariel X – CLICK HERE
Cheyenne Jewel vs Dragon Lily – CLICK HERE
Coral Manalo vs Isamar – CLICK HERE


A gentleman has contacted me and is trying to put together a 16 Woman Topless Boxing Tournament.

Here are the Details:

- Event will be hosted by Double Trouble Wrestling.
- Tournament will be in elimination fashion.   24 matches to start, 12 in the second stage, and then 6 in the final stage.
- You will get an invitation to this Yahoo Group where you can vote on the outcome of the match.

The following are the ladies to be involved:


6 Fights Featuring-

Christina ‘The Hammer’ Carter 0-0
Diana ‘Dark’ Knight 0-0
Goldie ‘The Bad Girl’ Blair 5-7
Hollywood ‘Hands Of Stone’ Capone 10-3-1-1


6 Fights Featuring-

Crystal ‘Brilliant’ White 0-4
‘The Dark Angel’ Eve Ellis 0-0
Krystal ‘Red Hot’ Summers 1-3
‘Red Hot’ Summer Cummings 0-4


6 Fights Featuring-

Cindy ‘Baby Doll’ Pucci 0-0
‘The Punchin’ Beauty’ JC Marie 1-0-1-1
Tanya ‘The Body’ Danielle 24-0
Tylene ‘The Dream’ Buck 3-2-1-1


6 Fights Featuring-

Akira ‘Lightning’ Lane 0-0
‘Gorgeous’ Cali Logan 0-0
‘Sweet C’ Carolyn Reese 0-0
Emily ‘Lights Out’ Addison 0-0

GROUP 5-Semi-Finals

6 Fights Featuring-

Winner Group 1
Runner-Up Group 2
Winner Group 3
Runner-Up Group 4

GROUP 6-Semi-Finals

6 Fights Featuring-

Runner-Up Group 1
Winner Group 2
Runner-Up Group 3
Winner Group 4

GROUP 7-The Finals

6 Fights Featuring-

Winner Group 5
Runner-Up Group 5
Winner Group 6
Runner-Up Group 6

Each girl fights the other in there respective group making a total of 6 fights in each group giving a total of 24 fights in the first stage with the top 2 in each group going through to the semi-final stage and another 2 groups of 4 and 12 fights,again with the top 2 in each group going through to the finals and 1 final group of 4 and 6 fights giving a total of 42 fights featuring 16 girls!

How to make this a reality:

The cost of this production is around $16,800.   For a further breakdown………each of the shoots will cost $2400.    The gentleman who proposed this put together a system where you can buy shares for $300 a piece.    And, you can split the payment up into $75 increments over 4 shoots if you wish.

Here is what you get for your investment:

- Un-edited and Edited Dvd’s from each of the 7 shoots making a total of 42 fights featuring 16 girls.
- A disc of pics from each shoot making a total of around 10,000 topless boxing pics.
- A signed 10 x 8 from each shoot making a total of 35 personalised signed pics from 16 different topless boxers plus Stacy Burke the ref (she will feature 7 times in a different pose from each shoot)
- The shareholder will be sent a link to a closed yahoo group where they can vote and put input into the outcome of the fights.

Want to be a part of this?

Contact Andy and email him at:


Join the Catz Review Yahoo Group to keep up on updates – CLICK HERE

100 Percent Authentic Catfights!

Leo vs Rocket
Topless Submission Fight in the new Catz Review ring!


Heaven Returns!

What else is new at the Catz Review?

Only one way to find out!

Who brings it?

Real Female Wrestling!
Real Hairpulling!
Real Faceslapping!
Oh my!



As I stated in a past Catfight Report Magazine…………..I do believe that Jenn possesses a backside that could seriously give Jennifer Lopez a major run for her money.

Not only is she a tough woman, with an all natural body, but she obviously is not afraid to participate in real wrestling AND catfight matches that involving hair pulling, body punching, and so on.   Unlike J-Lo……..Jenn gives all new meaning to the phrase “back that ass up” as she has the assets, courage, and skill to do so.

Here are the videos and opponents that Jenn has went up against at We Bring It:

Sybil WBI069 – Open Season Submission Catfight
Robin WBI067 – Submission Wrestling #3 Submission Wrestling
Tia WBI002 – Work It Out Submission Catfight
Faith WBI003 – Scissors War Submission Catfight
Jade WBI006 – First Meeting Submission Catfight
Dakota WBI007 – The Shirt Off Your Back Submission Catfight
Ariana WBI009 – Welcome To The Neighborhood Submission Catfight
Dakota WBI010 – Jeans Brawl Submission Catfight
Lola WBI012 – Submission Meeting  Submission Wrestling
Ariana WBI014 – Bring It, Bitch! #1 Bring It! Catfight
Ariana WBI015 – Bring It, Bitch! #2 Bring It! Catfight
Sybil  WBI022 – Fast and Furious Submission Catfight
Tag Team WBI023 – Tag Team Challenge Submission Catfight
Dakota WBI024 – Up Close and Personal Submission Catfight
Ariana WBI030 – Return to the Neighborhood Submission Catfight
Jasmine WBI031 – Trial By Fire Submission Catfight
Dakota WBI034 – Apartment Quarrel Submission Catfight
April WBI038 – My Jeans, Your Face Submission Catfight
Sybil WBI041 – 2 Fast 2 Furious Submission Catfight
Lia WBI043 – Apartment Quarrel #2 Submission Catfight
Lia WBI052 – Bring It, Bitch! #4 Bring It! Catfight
Lia WBI054 – Rust Remover Submission Wrestling
Lia WBI056 – Bring It, Bitch #6 Bring It! Catfight
Sybil WBI057 – Bring It, Bitch! #5 Bring It! Catfight
Dakota WBI058 – Bring It, Bitch! #7 Bring It! Catfight
Dakota WBI059 – Jeans Brawl #2 Submission Catfight
Dakota WBI060 – Apartment #5 Submission Catfight
Fayth WBI065 – Come and Get It Submission Catfight

Like what you see?

Buy some videos of this gal and it will alert We Bring It that you want to see even more of her.

Go to We Bring It:

New and offerings:

(Click the pictures to go the website)

Candie accidentally bumps into Frankie in the loos, but Frankie doesn’t think there is anything accidental about it and challenges Candie, but when Candie calls Frankie fat, that’s the final straw and girls go all out with one of them ending up knocked out!

Both Frankie and Candie are being interviewed for the role of ‘Senior Secretary’. They both think they have a chance but when Frankie tells Cadie she’s been flashing her knickers at the boss and is just about assured of getting the promotion, Candie sees red!

Holly MacGuire is scheduled to go on a blind date and is just getting ready when Megan MacGuire, her sister comes in a finds out what she’s up to. Megan fancies going on the blind date herself so the girls fight it out.

Holly McGuire take the first available chair in the waiting room she finds, but she’s unaware that Megan was sitting there a moment ago and has just gotten up to take a peek out the window.

Naked blonde Frankie Babe looks the more vulnerable of the two fighters as she goes up against Fetish Booted Bitch babe, Candie, in this nipple pinching, breast mauling knock out catfight.


Fetish Bitch Frankie is a beautiful, powerful Lady in Red as she goes up against the vulnerable and naked Candie. Frankie is determined to teach the little bitch a lesson but will Candie be in the mood for learning. One thing is for sure, one of the girls ends up knocked out!

Candie would like to get her revenge on Fetish Bitch Frankie but it looks unlikely. Surely the naked Candie is no match for Frankie who is in red gloves, hold ups and boots, though maybe we will be surprised by Candie’s power.

Megan returns to ensure Holly Macguire has paid attention to her instructions. If Holly macguire wants to be like Megan, she needs to toughen up and Megan is only too happy to give her some instruction!

What is being talked about?

Fans of catfights and female wrestling are chatting away at the top message board/forum in the industry for this genre.

What are some of the things being talked about this month at

A Modest but Intelligent Alternative to Catfight Report – CLICK HERE
An Appreciation of the Evolution of an Academy Video – CLICK HERE
Duped on Customs – CLICK HERE
Ring out the Wedding Bells on one of our Own – CLICK HERE
Who are your Favorite Catfighters – CLICK HERE
Crystal Video Catfight Magazine – CLICK HERE
Jennie Finch vs Stacy Keibler – CLICK HERE

New Releases!

  • Updated on 4/28/2011
    • Movie Added
    1. SOAP-309 Madison Young vs Amanda Tran
    2. SWT-MD2  Mixed Domination #2    
    • Video Clips Added
    1. SWT-MD2  Mixed Domination #2    
    3. SOAP-309 Madison Young vs Amanda Tran
    • Gallery Added
    1. SOAP-309 Madison Young vs Amanda Tran
    2. SWT-MD2  Mixed Domination #2    

  • Updated on 4/21/2011
    • Movie Added
    1. SOAP-306 Penny Play vs Isamar Gutierrez
    2. XSS-09 Pussy, Ass And Feet
    3. ACA-04 Coaches Conflict & Gentle Persuasion
    • Video Clips Added
    1. SOAP-306 Penny Play vs Isamar Gutierrez
    2. XSS-09 Pussy, Ass And Feet
    3. ACA-04 Coaches Conflict & Gentle Persuasion
    • Gallery Added
    1. SOAP-306 Penny Play vs Isamar Gutierrez
    2. XSS-09 Pussy, Ass And Feet
    3. ACA-04 Coaches Conflict & Gentle Persuasion

  • Updated on 4/14/2011
    • Movie Added
    1. CMX 1694 1700 Nude Facesitting Fury / Eat My Feet
    2. MM-493 Blonde Amazon in “Rip Off”
    3. SOAP-293 Dia vs Natalia Love
    • Video Clips Added
    1. CMX 1694 1700 Nude Facesitting Fury / Eat My Feet
    2. MM-493 Blonde Amazon in “Rip Off”
    3. SOAP-293 Dia vs Natalia Love
    • Gallery Added
    1. CMX 1694 1700 Nude Facesitting Fury / Eat My Feet
    2. MM-493 Blonde Amazon in “Rip Off”
    3. SOAP-293 Dia vs Natalia Love

  • Updated on 4/7/2011
    • Movie Added
    1. Soap-287 Zoe Chandler vs. Sun Wa Washington
    2. SOAP-48 Sabrina West VS. The Red Menace 
    3. LSS 124 Fun In Oil
    • Video Clips Added
    1. Soap-287 Zoe Chandler vs. Sun Wa Washington
    2. SOAP-48 Sabrina West VS. The Red Menace 
    3. LSS 124 Fun In Oil
    • Gallery Added
    1. Soap-287 Zoe Chandler vs. Sun Wa Washington
    2. SOAP-48 Sabrina West VS. The Red Menace 
    3. LSS 124 Fun In Oil

    New Releases!

                              Academy Wrestling
    SOAP 425 – Dia Zerva vs Wenona – This week brings you a first…the first ever outdoor shoot in our 20 year history as Dia and Wenona hit the mats in sunny Florida for a sun kissed afternoon of grappling and sex. Dia’s been travelling the world of late, and though her Academy visits have been rare, she’s kept up at her Jiu Jitsu and wrestling training and looks forward to letting loose under the relaxed rules and winner “takes” the loser reward system used here. Wenona, on the other hand, has been quite active on the wrestling mats. Her skills improve everytime out, and she’s been racking up wins on her way towards the upper echelon of the roster. As always, Wenona is in fantastic physical condition and competitive to say the least. The match is a sexy grappling contest more than a submission battle, with each girl trying to gain control of her foe rather than submission holds (though there are submissions throughout), and a very decisive ending is only the beginning to some very hot, outdoor female lust. Wenona holds her own, but this is a must for all the Dia fans out there, as she really shines, especially in “part 4″. see more…
                                   LScott TV
    FTV 79 – Beauty Battle (Topless Wrestling) – Beautiful newcomer Shelby Dane battles current tough girl Blake in this topless wrestling match. Shelby Dane is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in wrestling videos today. Blake, at 5’6”, 140, 42DD-28-36 is both bigger and stronger than Shelby, but is surprised by her speed and wrestling ability. Blake and Shelby go at it tooth and nail for the title of F.T. Video’s toughest beauty. see more…
                           Fem Fight Downloads
    ALY 559 – Kyla vs Mandy: Smothered & Beaten – Catfight fans here is an encounter that you have to add to your collection. In this battle, Kyla puts her KLV Erotic title on the line against Mandy from Catfight Haven and man does she ever take a real catfight beating as Mandy strips Kyla of her pride and title. This is a great back and forth match as the 2 very skilled veterans work each other over for your enjoyment. But as the catfight goes on Mandy takes control and lays a humiliating and smother filled beating on Kyla. Mandy wipes her ass with Kyla’s face and man is it hot and are you going to love watching it. see more…
                                   CPL Wrestling TV
    EK 022 – Knocked The Fuck Out – Tough girl Krista and Emma have quite the feud going. Krista came here to be queen of the mats and to dominate. Emma had to hold her spot as the queen dominatrix. She beat Krista last match and humiliated her. Krista wanted serious revenge. Krista is very strong and skilled. Emma went down and from there Krista controled the match, using reverse facesits, scissors, and forward facesits. Nearing the end, Emma was trapped with her arms above her head with no where to go, nor was she able to tap out. Well to our surprise Emma stoppped moving beneath Krista. Krista continued to sit on her face, and arrogantly flexed her muscles for the camera, with an evil grin on her face, almost knowing what she had done. After the match Emma finally came to, wondering what had happened. This was one awesome display of feminine domination, and Krista reigns the queen so far. see more…
                                                        FOR MORE
                                    Kontex TV
    PCF 35 – Private Catfights 35 – Anna, Lara, Anja & Jenny – I find it really good when our models deliver the goods. What I like even more is when I can present clients to you who have themselves filmed by us. Today I present Anna and Jenny, who are fighting for their husbands. see more…
                                    DWW TV
    DWW 753 – Mary Ann vs Luna -This is an excellent and very competitive oil wrestling match. However, we have to note that both women were allowed touching their opponent’s body everywhere they wanted to. If they felt that they were weaker or that they had no chance against the superior strength of their opponent, they could try to weaken the other woman with unusual and even erotic holds (if they wanted to and if they felt that it would be at their advantage). Newcomer Luna is showing us once again her gorgeous body, her incredible confidence, her wonderful female strength and her outstanding wrestling talent and fighting spirit. She surely has a good chance for becoming the “Newcomer of the Year”. Although this is NO sex fight and it has nothing to do with trib either and although this is a superb oil wrestling match and it is extremely competitive, there are sometimes fingers touching intimate spots of the other body. If you hate to see this, then better don’t watch this exciting match. There are lengthy interviews with both woman before and after their match making this fight extremely entertaining and exciting to watch. Both women wear extremely skimpy and revealing bikini thongs and sometimes their thongs are accidentally that much revealing that unfortunately for us we had to put this match into the nude wrestling category although we kindly ask you to NOTE that 99% of this match is TOPLESS wrestling WITH g-strings. This is by definition NO NUDE oil wrestling match. see more…
                             Jaguar Videos TV
    JVFS 003 – Jaguar Face-Smothering Tape – 3 – The video you have been waiting for is finally here. Nothing but face-sitting highlights from topless and nude catfights, wrestling domination, and smothing videos. You’ll thrill to the super turn-on highlights from Jaguar videos 78 through 93, as many of your favorite lades do what they do best, and enjoy most. Once again our incredible Jaguar women will prove how awesome they are, and if you’re looking for wrestling, catfighting, wrestling domination, and face-smothering at its very best, you’ll be sure to order lots of Jaguar videos. Turn on to the face-sitting talents of Tori, Missy, Monica, Beth, Lexi, Nancy, Devon, Alexis, Michelle, Becky, Tracy, Shannon, Taylor, April, Sidney, Kimberly, Ruth, Sabra, Tesa, Cindi, Bianca, Sabrina, Francesca, Diana, Noelle, Sara, Kim, Amber, Brandi, and Stella as they do a job on each other, as well as other male victims such as Rocky, Kenny, and Damien. see more…
                                         Wrestling Nostalgia TV
    WV 116 PT2 – Does Mother Know Best? – “Does Mother Know Best?” is an ancient question. But as this topless catfight unfolds, it’s revealed that the shapely blonde in her 30s isn’t really the mother of the sexy 19-year-old to whom a “mother” is trying to administer stern physical discipline. “Daughter” decides to dish out some discipline of her own. And she proves herself an accomplished catfighter, as well as a good wrestler. This wild battle is best described in three simple terms: savage, sexy and exciting! see more…

    What’s New at Double Trouble Wrestling?
    A Review!

    Participant 1:
    CELESTE STAR – DT Champion


    Participant 2:
    SAMANTHA RYAN – The Challenger

    Purchase Now – CLICK HERE

    Celeste Star is the DT champion, but Samantha Ryan is chomping at the bit to take that championship belt away from her. These young ladies are in great shape, and it is quite the treat to see them rip each other’s tiny bikini tops off. A bare-breasted Samantha uses the bikini tops to tie up Celeste’s hands and feet and then kicks and knees the helpless Celeste around the ring. Watching her writhing body convulse and victimized by Samantha’s blows is tantalizing. Celeste is still no easy pickings as she catches Samantha in a harsh camel clutch and damn near breaks her neck pulling her head backwards. To add some extra shame to the whole affair, Celeste schoolgirl pins Samantha while talking some major trash. Will Samantha successfully relieve Celeste of her belt or will Celeste remain the dominant champion of DT?

    Ringo’s Review:

    The video starts as the two ladies meet in the middle of the ring.

    SAMANTHA: That belt is mine.
    CELESTE: Come and get it.

    The champion wastes no time and takes total early control.   Celeste quickly traps Samantha in the corner and starts wailing into her stomach with big straights punches into her abdomen.   Every strong punch delivers an “UGH” from Samantha Ryan.

    Celeste then follows up with some hard knee lifts and sends Samantha to the other side of the ring.   Celeste keeps saying “awwww” and really starts to toy with Samantha verbally in the corner.    Celeste brings her foot up Stacy Keibler style and starts choking Samantha out in the corner as she laments:

    CELESTE:   Is it getting hard to breathe?

    Celeste eventually lets her fall near the center of the ring as she gets on her back and applies a camel clutch.  Satisfied with her advantage, Celeste flips Samantha onto her back, and then crawls forward with a very nice facesit as she talks more trash than ever at this point.

    It is clear that Celeste, the champion, has been in total and complete control up to this point.    The question becomes…………does Samantha come back or does she get totally dominated in her championship pursuit?

    Here are some Pictures from the Match:

    What I will say is that after Celeste performs the facesitting pin described above……… woman dominates from the rest of the match from that point.

    Was it Celeste?

    Or does Samantha Ryan become the new DT Champion?


    New Releases by Double Trouble:

    Francesca Le vs Tasha Welch – Along Came a Spider
    Diana Knight vs Melissa Jacobs – Queen of the Crop
    Tanya Danielle vs Goldie Blair – Jean Splicing
    Max Mikita vs Christina Carter – All Boots are Off
    Miko Sinz vs Cali Logan – Sneakers of the House

    Visit the Deluxe sponsors of the Catfight Report:
    Academy Wrestling
    Double Trouble Wrestling! (DT) (Forum)
    We Bring It! (WBI)

    ** Please note that some of the reviews in this piece are paid reviews and some are not. Sometimes producers pay me to write reviews and sometimes I make money when you sign up and purchase videos at their website. If you ever have questions or concerns, or need details on this, simply email me. **

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    Email me!
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