Raze – A New Movie where kidnapped Ladies are forced to fight to the Death


Well, here we go again folks.

First, was the buzz from the movie “Bare Knuckles“. Then there was some buzz from the movie “Lure“. I interviewed the producers of both productions here at the Catfight Report.

Catfight fans have carrots dangled in front of them constantly.

Nobody, with perhaps the exception of myself, said anything nice in the industry about Lure or Bare Knuckles. Both movies advertised themselves heavily with the sweet nugget of some female vs female combat, but neither movie really delivered the goods.

Now, it’s time for the buzz machine to begin once more.

A new movie named “Raze” is being produced by Robert Beaucage and Josh C Waller and stars Zoe Bell and Rachel Nichols. Rachel Nichols has been making quite a name of herself with catfight fans as she has now had catfights in GI Joe and Conan the Barbarian.

There were also reports that Rachel Nichols enjoyed shooting the catfights mentioned, of which, makes her a natural fit. Zoe Bell is, by all accounts, a fantastic stuntwoman and has doubled for ladies such as Uma Thurman (in Kill Bill), Lucy Lawless (in Xena), Sharon Stone (in Catwoman) and has a very nice resume built up.

Horror.com interviewed Producers Robert Beaucage and Josh C Waller.

Here are some excerpts:

Waller: Both Rachel and Zoë have been friends of mine for years. Both are incredible actors who I feel like hadn’t done something like this. Zoë and I had been trying to find something to work on together for years. When this came along, she was the obvious choice because of her stunt background, but she also possesses a beautiful emotional life as an actress. This is a world where both would be needed. Rachel also has done a lot of great roles that have called upon her physicality, but not like this. Plus, the film starts off in an almost romcom-type way. Rachel is one of the most talented and funniest people I know. It was a no-brainer. I consider it an honor to work with both of them.

Beaucage: Rachel plays Jamie, a workaholic, somewhat standoffish woman whom we first meet being talked into going on a blind date. She meets Zoë’s character, Sabrina, when she and Sabrina are put into an arena where they must fight or die — just like the tagline says! Zoë, with her background in stunts in addition to her acting chops, was a natural choice both to play Sabrina and also to be stunt coordinator.

Is the ‘fight or die’ tagline meant to evoke memories of movies like The Running Man and Rollerball?

Beaucage: Ha! No.

Waller: As much as I love those movies, no. (All respect given to Richard Dawson.)

Who’s the audience for Raze?

Beaucage: Horror fans, action fans, and people who want to see the most kick-ass girl fights of any movie ever. As Kenny puts it, we’re bringing catfights to a whole new level!

Read the Full Interview at Horror.com

Catfight Fans!

Is this another Ronald Reaganesque scenario? One of those……….”There you go again!” type moments? Beaucage says that they are bringing catfights to a whole new level and that this will have the most kick-ass girlfights of any movie ever.

We have heard that before.

But, you always gotta appreciate when someone is willing to put their resources on the line to bring something to the fans out there. I wish Robert, Josh, Zoe, Rachel, and the rest of the cast all the success in the world.

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