Goldie Blair vs Randy Moore – Scripted – DT Wrestling

Goldie Blair vs Randie Moore
Your Cheating Tart – DT 1019


Says DT Wrestling:

An angry Goldie Blair scars the hell out of me, but Randy Moore doesn’t seem to be too scared even though Goldie thinks she has been fooling around with her husband. They argue but when Randy calls her an old hag, well that’s just too much for Goldie, she drags her to the ring where they strip to their beautiful lingerie. They face off, then both grab hand fulls of hair and we’re off, a tricky Randy gains control early and goes hard at Goldie’s gut, so hard the buxom one falls to the floor but Randy is not done with her. Goldie seems beaten as Randy stands over her telling her how she is going to go back and ride her husband. Goldie recovers just in time, now it’s her turn, and oh does she dish it out, super gut slugs and head shots, tons of head slams to the turn buckles and then come the smothers; with her large breast and then her firm ass is secured around the blonde’s pretty face. How much can Randy take and can she come back? These are the big questions as these two super bodies see who keeps the husband.


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