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 When I first met Aubrey Sky it was during one of my trips to a friend’s house in Philadelphia to do more shoots.  So when I saw this dark-haired girl approaching our table wearing a mini-skirt and high heels she immediately got my attention or should I say…’Her LEGS got my attention!?’.  Then when my friend introduced her to me as his roommate, Aubrey Skye, that really got my attention even more!

Aubrey sat down with us to have a few drinks and as my friend told her about me and the website I run she immediately perked up and wanted to know more.  But instead of just giving her the usual ScissorVixens ‘sales pitch’ I decided to have a little fun with her.  Aubrey Skye is a ‘smaller’ girl at around 5’2″ tall with a slender build so I basically told her that although she looks fit I just didn’t think she was ‘big’ enough to do a ScissorVixen video.  This was my way of ‘testing’ her to see how she would react and much to my pleasure…she reacted the way a true ScissorVixen would!  After staring at me for a few moments she finally smirked at me, pulled up her skirt and said…”Are you kidding me!? Look at these thighs!  I played soccer for years and they are all muscle!…Here feel them!”.  And feel them I did and sure enough….they were very muscular and quite solid!

In Aubrey’s debut video she walks into their bedroom dressed in a sexy mini-skirt with high heels that really show off her gorgeous legs. She’s in a frisky mood and wants to have a little fun but unfortunately her boyfriend has had one too many drinks and wants nothing to do with having fun!  But Aubrey isn’t taking no for an answer and decides to show him a ‘good time’ whether he likes it or not!

Watch as the sexy dark-haired ScissorVixen wraps her athletic, soccer-trained thighs around his neck and begins to squeeze!  He complains that she’s squeezing him too tight around his neck but she replies…”I don’t care…this is my idea of fun!”.

So check out gorgeous ScissorVixen, Aubrey Sky, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Dressed for Scissors!’ showing us her idea of ‘fun’ which we’re sure you’ll find to be just as much fun to watch!


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