Summer Cummings vs Lisa Comshaw – New Competitive Match from Double Trouble! – Real Wrestling!

Have you ever wanted to see Summer Cummings and Lisa Comshaw wrestle for real?

Summer vs. Lisa

Time: 21 Minutes/ 466 MB

Writes DT Wrestling:

Summer may be over everywhere else but not at DT, no we have Summer back, Summer Cummings is with us to give poor lisa Cumshaw another chance in a competitive match. The two busty babes start out in one pieces and both have fire in their eyes. Summer has always been a tough cookie so she wasn’t about to turn down a chance to go at Lisa and Lisa will take on anyone, win or lose she’s in it for the fight. Lisa gets a good choke and scissors combo on early, Summer is in real trouble but she endures that only to be put in a head scissors where Lisa slaps her ass, this angers Summer and she pulls lisa’s top down but Lisa maintains control. Finally the school yard Summer comes out to play and she wrangles control, on top and holding on tight the fight rolls on and I do mean roll as they stay glued together sliding across the canvas. it’s a great back and forth battle with both ladies getting very close finish holds but only one of these veteran warriors will end up with her hand raised in victory — great competitive fun — Summer is still here at DT!!!!


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