Danielle Trixie vs Cali Logan – Real Competitive Female vs Female Wrestling!


Writes DT Wrestling:

Competition, see who is the best – but some girls just aren’t used to true competition. That’s the case with Danielle Trixie when she got in with Cali Logan, it took a few restarts before she got the whole premise, she wanted to resort to her cat fight tactics and wasn’t ready for tough Cali coming on so hard. We explained it all to her and to our surprise she did a fabulous job especially considering she was fighting a real natural, yes little Cali is a natural grappler, she hasn’t had a lot of training but she is one of the best grapplers around especially when you consider she is not very big. Soon Danielle was into it and we had a fight, Cali no longer went soft, all of a sudden she knew the beautiful blonde was in it, she had the spunky Cali in a solid choke and all Cali could do is bridge out. Tight they squeeze those sexy young bodies together as they roll across the canvas, sleek legs wrap around small waists and even when Cali stands Danielle keeps her legs wrapped – some fabulous positions as each girl strives to best her opponent. Competition is great on it’s own but it’s best when two young beauties are giving it their all!!!


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