Akira Lane vs Randy Moore – Scripted – Socking in Stockings – Double Trouble

Akira Lane vs Randy Moore
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Writes DT Wrestling:

Akira, in her sexy dress tells mark she deserved the match with Ariel and that bitch Randy stole it from her, that blond bimbo should’t be getting a photo shoot because she could have kicked both their asses. Randy has been listening to all this and enters the ring in her sexy photo shoot dress – more heated words have us in a challenge and soon the girls are slowly striping out of their sexy dresses and heels leaving only their sexy bras, panties and stockings. We have a fight, the blonde and the Asian both ready to draw some blood! A grueling test of strength starts us out, that is till Akira kicks a hard one between Randy’s legs, down goes Randy and an ax handle blow puts her flat on her back, then savage kicks to her back – Akira is out to really hurt her. She easily takes the fist fall and not only takes the second fall but takes her top too, poor topless Randy is flummoxed by this beating but is determined to work her way back, she does just that with face-sits, kicks, and breast smothers – she is back in the fight. Randy is so sexy in that garter belt and stockings, she so wants those Asian lips on her round ass but Akira says it’s her butt that is getting kissed — one butt gets kicked and the other gets kissed !!!!!!

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