Dina Marie Vannoni vs Julie DC – STRONG TO THE FINISH – Scripted – DT Wrestling!

Dina Marie Vannoni vs Julie DC
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Says DT Wrestling:

Buxom Farmer’s Daughter Julie D.C. breaks into a house to look for some mysterious breast augmentation solution. Why this top-heavy country girl in tiny denim shorts and polka dot top would even need such a formula is a mystery that doesn’t have time to be answered as Sailor Dina Marie interrupts the burglary. Julie D.C. is not impressed with Dina Marie’s breasts and the redhead pummels the sultry sailor to near oblivion. However, just like another famous fantasy sailor, Dina Marie sees her salvation as she spies a can of spinach on the table. As her redheaded tormentor slathers her bare breasts with the secret formula, Dina Marie chows down on a few leaves-and the nautical dynamo begins to turn the tables on the bucolic bully.

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