Prinzzess vs Goldie Blair – Real Competitive Female Wrestling – DT Wrestling!

Prinzzess vs Nicole Oring
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Says DT Wrestling:

So many have wanted to see these two together, two of the scrappiest grapplers we have; Goldie Blair and Prinzzess, Goldie with her striking breasts and Prinzzess with her rock hard body. But they both pride themselves on how tough they can be – a competitive match lets them prove just how tough they are. They both start out topless and going hard right from the beginning, Goldie gets a head lock on and won’t let go until Prinzzess gets behind her putting on a choke of her own, next it’s the busty ones turn as she applies a grapevine then user her flesh pillows to smother the blonde. Oh this gets so good, they both put on great face sits, Goldie pulls the lean legs of the blond back over her head while she grinds her beautiful butt in. Prinzzess wraps those sturdy gams around Goldie but she won’t stay still, no, she brides to get up but Prinzzess keeps them wrapped, so much fun to watch. Then a great figure four leg scissors seems to have Goldie going out as the sinewy blonde cinches it tight – but remember how tough Goldie is, yes how scrappy they both are – you wanted them together – here they are, ENJOY!!!

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